See The Gotham Knights Update That Adds The Best Suicide Squad Villain

By Jason Collins | Published

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Just a few weeks after its initial launch and less-than-favorable reviews, WB Games has decided to launch an update to the game, adding more content and one of the best Suicide Squad Villains we’ve ever seen — Starro. This could indicate that James Gunn’s plan to encompass all DC media under a single, overarching lore has begun, but given Batman’s death in the game, the inclusion of Gotham Knights and several other releases is questionable at best. You can see the DLC trailer below.

According to Destructoid, WB Montreal just dropped a new update for its DC Comics-inspired Gotham Knights. As seen in the trailer, the Heroic Assault DLC adds more content and a new co-op mode for the disciples of the Caped Crusader. As announced by the developers and shown in the trailer, Starro has a key role in the recently released content, as he uses Facehugger-like (Alien?) spores as means of mind-controlling his minions.

Players will have to face these mind-controlled victims attempting to break Starro out while also addressing several bosses, like Man-Bat and Freeze.

It’s worth noting that both gaming modes introduced in Gotham Knights are focused primarily on multiplayer mayhem — which could prove difficult for PC players, given the hardware requirements necessary to run this game. Heroic Assault is a tower-like gaming mode in which players can pick their way through 30 floors flooded with enemies. Naturally, the difficulty scales, and the higher you go, the harder the game becomes.

Those that manage to reach the top will have to face Man-Bat, and the strange crossover between an alien cyclops and Patrick Star — Starro.

starro the suicide squad
Starro in The Suicide Squad (2021)

The second gaming mode introduced in Gotham Knights, called Showdown, will allow one or two players to face a boosted and buffed version of the main boss from the game’s narrative. These include Harley Quinn, Mr. Freeze, and Thalia al-Ghul. Defeating these mega-villains grants players incredible rewards, including legendary gear blueprints, unique customization, and vehicles.

As for the quality of the gaming content itself, hopefully, it improves the overall impression of the game.  

Despite the obvious failure, Warner Bros. simply doesn’t quit copying everything that Marvel does. Instead of learning from the mistake Marvel made with Marvel’s Avengers and launching a more complete and overall better game, WB copied Marvel’s homework once again, word-for-word, arguably down to the same mistakes. The entire situation with this update reminds a series of updates Square Enix had to issue for Marvel’s Avengers, including a whole new expansion pack that would rectify the game’s technical issues and brings in more content.

It’s important to distinguish the two, however, given the timeframe in which both companies had acted. Square Enix took their sweet time in rectifying its issues, but WB Montreal acted swiftly. Perhaps too swiftly, which indicates that the update was pre-planned as post-release content; unfortunately, it would seem that Warner Bros is losing its touch when it comes to gaming, considering that 2014’s Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor was their best gaming release in the past decade. In fact, some would argue that the money spent on Gotham Knight would be better spent on Shadow of Mordor.