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The Guardians of the Galaxy cast has become of the most fun and beloved group we’ve seen on the big screen in some time.

Let’s take a look at all of the Guardians of the Galaxy cast news.


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Latest Guardians Of The Galaxy News

Farscape Is Responsible For Modern Superhero Movies

For a sci-fi show that’s been off the air for almost two decades by now, Farscape has had an outsize …

2 weeks ago

chris pratt

Chris Pratt Wants To Jump From Marvel To DCU

Things seem to be heating up with James Gunn’s DCU, as new photos from the set of his inaugural Superman …

3 weeks ago

Guardians Of The Galaxy Star Confirms James Gunn DCU Talks

Ever since James Gunn first took over creative control of the DCU, rumors have circulated suggesting the filmmaker might try …

4 weeks ago

sci-fi movie

James Gunn Superhero Movies Always Succeed For A Simple Reason

The superhero genre has seen diminishing returns in recent years, with many new installments from Marvel and DC flopping at …

2 months ago

gina carano

Gina Carano Almost Played A Fan-Favorite Marvel Character

When Guardians of the Galaxy was first getting off the ground in 2013, there were all kinds of casting rumors …

2 months ago

Every Marvel Post-Credits Scene Ranked

Before the MCU, post-credits scenes in movies—also known as stingers— were rare and usually played for a laugh, like Mathew …

3 months ago

Post Credits Scenes Mean Nothing Anymore

Remember in the early days of superhero movies when everyone was so surprised when Marvel started including post credits scenes? …

3 months ago

guardians of the galaxy DC

Marvel Gave DC Its Biggest Weapon To Use Against Them

With the DCEU shaping up to be rebooted next year starting with 2025’s Superman, it is hard not to see …

3 months ago

Michelle Yeoh And Vin Diesel Cast In Video Game Series Adaptation You Can Watch Right Now

Streaming service Paramount+ has delved once again into the realm of video game adaptations, creating their newest TV series Ark: …

4 months ago


Classic Sci-Fi Series Starring 90s Heartthrob Now Streaming Without Netflix

What if Hercules had ever tangled with angry Klingons and sneaky Romulans? Sadly, that never happened outside of some very …

5 months ago

Farscape Star Calls Out Guardians Of The Galaxy

In some ways, James Gunn’s first Guardians of the Galaxy film has been the most important genre picture of the …

5 months ago

Marvel Needs To Embrace Its Comedic Side And Adapt The Best Superhero Team

One of the biggest complaints about the MCU online recently is its over-reliance on quip-filled comedic moments that undercut dramatic …

5 months ago

sci-fi movie

Marvel’s Best Space Team Isn’t Guardians Of The Galaxy

While it’s no secret that Marvel is going through a rough patch, most fans can agree that there was at …

5 months ago

james gunn superman

James Gunn Superman Title Change Needs To Earn It

James Gunn’s sizable ego may have finally gotten the best of him. The Guardians of the Galaxy director took to …

5 months ago

Dave Bautista Wants To Swap Drax For Another Comic Book Character

Like many other wrestlers who have made their way into the film industry, Dave Bautista has essentially been typecast into …

5 months ago

dave bausita marvel

Dave Bautista’s Secret Marvel Bromance Revealed

It can be pretty funny how disparate characters in movies can be from the actors that play them. A great …

5 months ago

brie larson

Brie Larson Walking Out On Marvel After Terrible Movie Ratings?

Now that the world’s attention is on the immense box office failure of Madame Web, folks have stopped talking about …

5 months ago

Superman: Legacy Logo Reveal Gets Fans Excited For Beloved Story Adaptation

While there are undoubtedly some sad feelings about saying goodbye to the DCEU, many fans can still acknowledge that it …

5 months ago

james gunn superman

James Gunn Reveals The Superman: Legacy Cast All Together

James Gunn made the call and the actors for Superman: Legacy answered as the filmmaker gave fans a peek at …

5 months ago

joe manganiello deathstroke

James Gunn Broke Joe Manganiello’s DC Dreams

When Joe Manganiello asked James Gunn about reprising his role as Deathstroke in the new DCU, the Guardians of the …

5 months ago

James Gunn DCU

James Gunn Is Going To Direct More DCU Movies And That’s Dangerous

During a recent interaction with fans on Threads, James Gunn confirmed that he will be directing a number of upcoming …

5 months ago

The Movie Star Worth $30 Billion Is Not Who Anyone Expects

One would assume that the highest-grossing movies, such as Avatar, Avengers: Endgame, or Star Wars: The Force Awakens, would feature …

6 months ago

Michael Mann Only Likes One Marvel Movie

Famed director Michael Mann, the director behind hit action movies like Public Enemies and Collateral has revealed his opinion on …

7 months ago

The Most Iconic Needle Drops In Cinema History

The perfect song in a movie can turn a good scene into a great scene and a great scene into …

10 months ago


The Marvels Needs To Give Us These Surprise Appearances

It won’t be long until The Marvels, the MCU’s next big blockbuster, hits theaters. While the MCU’s previous effort, Guardians …

10 months ago

michelle yeoh blade runnmer

Marvel Wasted Huge Stars In These Disappointing Roles

MCU casting can be hit or miss sometimes. For every Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man, there’s a Tilda Swinton …

11 months ago

Pom Klementieff Coming To The DC Universe?

James Gunn seems to be hinting at future casting for his DCU projects currently in development. Per a post by …

11 months ago

chris pratt

Chris Pratt Leaving Guardians For Marvel’s Biggest Competitor?

After being let go from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, James Gunn has taken over the DC Universe, and several of …

11 months ago

james gunn

James Gunn Ready To Fight Marvel Over First F-Bomb

James Gunn is the only director in the Marvel Cinematic Universe to actually give an F, quite literally. Gunn made …

12 months ago