The Sci-Fi Horror Alien Thriller With A Disgraced Doctor Who Star, Stream Now Without Netflix

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

When you’re in the mood for original sci-fi, it can sometimes be hard to know where to look. Fortunately, you don’t need Netflix to watch a movie with alien thrills and chills, one whose killer cast includes Doctor Who royalty with some major baggage. To experience a science fiction adventure like you’ve never seen before, you need to stream Storage 24.

Storage 24

What is Storage 24 about? It’s basically a sci-fi reskin of a classic horror movie premise in which a diverse group of Brits are stuck in a storage facility when the power goes out. They can’t afford to wait things out, though, because a mysterious alien creature is stalking their every movie.

Starring Noel Clarke From Doctor Who

That may not sound like a shockingly original film concept, but the great cast of the movie helps breathe fresh life into what might be an otherwise tired narrative for Storage 24. The cast includes Colin O’Donoghue (best known for playing Hook in Once Upon A Time) and Laura Haddock (best known for playing Star-Lord’s mother in the Guardians of the Galaxy films). The biggest star, however, is Noel Clarke, and it’s admittedly difficult to see this disgraced Doctor Who actor onscreen without thinking of the horrific allegations made against him.

The Noel Clark Controversy

When Doctor Who relaunched in 2005, Clarke played Mickey Smith, a sort of affable Everyman who had the unenviable task of watching his former girlfriend fall in love with first the lifestyle of the Doctor and then the man himself. Back in 2021, 26 different women made serious allegations against Clarke that included bullying, sexual harassment, and verbal abuse. Later allegations came from people who worked with him on Doctor Who, and his SAS: Red Notice costar Jing Lusi alleged she had received both unwanted sexual advances and threats from Clarke.

The Storage 24 actor categorically denied all claims, and the police later declined to investigate the claims of sexual misconduct. Afterward, Clarke sued the paper (The Guardian) that originally published those allegations. As of this writing, his legal drama is still unfolding.

Critics Are Torn

All of that drama may or may not affect how you view Storage 24, a movie that critics didn’t know what to make of. The film currently has a 40 percent critical score on Rotten Tomatoes, with many critics complaining about the movie’s low budget and by-the-numbers plotting.

However, more than a few critics noted how the movie’s barebones approach is fun and engaging, offering the quick and dirty dopamine hit that comes from watching relatable characters try to survive a run-in with a scary monster (honestly, seeing Mickey run from a freaky alien makes this feel like a lost Doctor Who).

How To Stream

While critics often don’t know what to do with a good horror film, you don’t have to take their words or our words about the quality of Storage 24. You can currently stream the film on Prime Video, and after watching, you might even save a bit of money. That’s because, by the time the credits roll, you may be tempted to stop doing business with your local storage facility just in time to avoid the next alien attack.