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  • Launched On: December 14, 1963
  • Airing On: BBC
  • Genre: Sci-Fi

Technically speaking, there have been many Doctors in the Doctor Who universe over the show’s 60-plus-year timeline. Fans have gravitated to some more than others.

Here are some of the most popular actors to play the Doctor…

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matt smith

Matt Smith’s Best Doctor Who Moments

So long, raggedy man.

4 days ago

Canceled Netflix Sci-Fi Horror Series Fans Still Want To Return

In the last several years, Netflix has developed a reputation for cancelling fan-favorite shows well before their time, with outings …

1 week ago

Doctor Who Finale Secretly Kills The Best Companion?

Recently, Doctor Who aired the first finale of the Disney+ era, and it was generally considered a major success. Fans …

2 weeks ago

The Coolest Time Machines In Movies And Television

We here at GFR decided to put our heads together and make our picks for the best time machines we’ve …

3 weeks ago

William Russell Doctor Who

Doctor Who’s Shocking Connection To Star Wars Is A Beloved Bounty Hunter

As much as we would have liked to see it, there was no explicit crossover between Doctor Who and the …

4 weeks ago


Beloved Doctor Who Companion Passes Away

William Russell, best known for playing Ian Chesterton in the original Doctor Who has passed away at the age of …

1 month ago

Doctor Who’s Most Hated Companion Is The Most Important

The debate over the best Doctor Who companion is almost as fierce as the one over the best Doctor. Yet …

2 months ago

Latest Doctor Who Adventure Inspired By Classic Episode

The most recent Doctor Who episode, “Boom” felt like a blast from the past in more ways than one because …

2 months ago

doctor who

Doctor Who Brings Back The Franchise’s Weirdest Mystery

The latest Doctor Who episode, “Boom,” had many great bits in it, but it also had a downright weird bit …

2 months ago

doctor who bottle episode

Doctor Who Turns Worst Episode Possible Into Total Success

If you watch enough television, you’ve probably learned to loathe these two little words: “bottle episode.” Such episodes are usually …

2 months ago

Doctor Who Finally Pays Offs Its Scariest Line

Doctor Who is a franchise that has many scary moments and scarier villains, including the fascistic Daleks and the creeping …

2 months ago

Disney doctor who boom

Doctor Who Redeems Its Most Complex Villains

The recent Doctor Who episode “Boom” really fired on all cylinders, giving us a character-driven tale that happened to bring …

2 months ago

Disney doctor who boom

Disney Airs Most Controversial Doctor Who Episode

Recently, Disney+ aired the Doctor Who episode “Boom,” written by veteran franchise writer and former showrunner Steven Moffatt. It was …

2 months ago

doctor who daughter

Forgotten Doctor Who Cameo Nearly Had a Starring Role

To Doctor Who fans, Georgia Moffett is known for two things: being the daughter of Peter Davison (best known to …

2 months ago

Star Trek Doctor Who Crossover Actually In The Works?

The recent Doctor Who episode “Space Babies” had so many great moments that it was easy to miss the most …

2 months ago

doctor who wonderbra

Doctor Who Used A Wonderbra To Turn A Hero Into A Villain

One of the reasons that Doctor Who has always been so popular is that it incorporates a number of different …

2 months ago

doctor who

Iconic Doctor Who Hated Job From The Beginning

While fans love to gush about David Tennant (and hey, it’s hard to blame them), Christopher Eccleston doesn’t get nearly …

2 months ago

Disney doctor who boom

Canceled Doctor Who Spinoff Would Have Been Perfect Continuation Of Fan-Favorite Character

The success of the 2005 Doctor Who revival has led to multiple spinoffs, including Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures. …

2 months ago

The Forgotten Doctor Who Movie With A Star Wars Connection

Have you ever accidentally called the main character Doctor Who, Dr. Who, only to have a dozen geeks descend upon …

2 months ago

The Surprising Scene Two Doctor Who Showrunners Argue Over

For fans of the modern era of Doctor Who, one subject of constant debate is whether Russell T. Davies or …

2 months ago

doctor who Harry Potter

Doctor Who Hides Harry Potter Reference In Iconic Episode

Sci-fi fans everywhere know exactly how David Tennant’s character looks on Doctor Who…this is the guy who made pinstripe suits, …

2 months ago

David Tennant

Lost Doctor Who Line Explains Everyone’s Favorite Character

Whether or not you’re a fan of Doctor Who or not, you have to admit that the Doctor is one …

2 months ago

doctor who

The Hilarious Reason Why Doctor Who Showrunner Saved Characters Instead Of Killing Them

After David Tennant had his first Doctor Who adventure in “The Christmas Invasion,” the season two premiere episode “New Earth” …

2 months ago

david tennant doctor who

The Doctor Who Netflix Mistake That Turned The Sci-Fi Series Into A Slasher Horror

While Doctor Who has always had some scary elements to it, most fans would never compare it to something as …

2 months ago

doctor who

The Best Doctor Who Showrunner Broke Into The Franchise A Decade Earlier

While some fans prefer Steven Moffat, it’s fair to say that Russel T. Davies is the most influential Doctor Who …

2 months ago

Doctor Who Star Ncuti Gatwa Is Sad For Critics

Now that new episodes of Doctor Who are finally beginning to roll out, fans across the world are getting a …

2 months ago

Apple Cancels High Profile Sci-Fi Thriller Series After Just One Season

In the modern streaming era, it seems as though no show is safe from cancellation, even when it has established …

2 months ago

doctor who peter capaldi

Doctor Who Return Ruined By Digital Pirates

Right now, fans are gearing up for a new era of Doctor Who: we have a brand-new Doctor and a …

2 months ago