Doctor Who Star Ncuti Gatwa Is Sad For Critics

By TeeJay Small | Published

Now that new episodes of Doctor Who are finally beginning to roll out, fans across the world are getting a look at the brilliance of Ncuti Gatwa in the role of the 15th eponymous Doctor. Unfortunately, not all fans of the show are capable of enjoying the new episodes, as many television fans have proactively labelled the new season as ‘too woke’ due to Gatwa’s casting. According to a recent interview Gatwa gave with NPR, the Rwanda-born actor feels sad for these critics, as they have let their backward worldview get in the way of their own happiness.

Sad For The Haters

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During his interview with NPR, the latest Doctor Who actor explained that he felt sorry for these critics, specifically stating “for me, personally, I find it fascinating that it matters so much to these people… You are going to limit yourselves from a show that… you claim to love… because you don’t like something about someone’s appearance or their race. It’s just… really sad for them.”

Ncuti Gatwa continued to clarify, “It’s… tricky, because you want to celebrate the win [for inclusion] and you do celebrate the win, because this signifies progress. But let’s not stop here. There’s lots more to go. And this should have happened a little while ago, as well.”

Ncuti Gatwa Before Doctor Who

Before being hired to star in Doctor Who, Ncuti Gatwa held front-and-center roles in a number of popular projects, such as Barbie, Masters of the Air, and Netflix’s Sex Education. His new performance as the 15th Doctor is surely his most publicized role, however, launching the beloved character actor to household name status. Unfortunately, this newfound fame and glory also comes with a number of pitfalls, such as attacks from prejudiced audience members who entirely miss the point of their favorite pieces of media.

The Same Critics Who Ridiculed A Female Doctor

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Fans of the long-running Doctor Who franchise are likely aware that a certain subset of the audience feels this way, as many of these viewers have become a vocal minority. Long before Doctor Who cast Ncuti Gatwa in the lead role, these very same critics harped on the series hiring women or other people of color as part of the main cast.

These fans can also be found arguing against communism while aggrandizing old episodes of Star Trek, and supporting fascist leaders throughout the real world while championing the rebel alliance in the original Star Wars trilogy.

Goes Against Fundamental Doctor Rules

In general, television and film circles online have become infected by the so-called ‘anti-woke’ crowd, who nebulously dislike any piece of art that centers anyone other than straight white men in the lead. While this is a problematic outlook in general, it is especially bizarre to feel that way about Doctor Who, a shape-shifting alien, who can look like anybody on Earth. For some, this racism is infuriating to contend with in social media spaces, though Doctor Who‘s Ncuti Gatwa seems to have a completely different approach.

Just As Many Supporters

It is important to note that a wide majority of Doctor Who fans are perfectly welcoming of Ncuti Gatwa’s appearance in the new season, as well as a wide array of other progressive storylines and characters expected to debut this coming season. Series showrunner Russell T. Davies, who is a gay man himself, has also made it a point to put a non-binary character in the new season, who politely corrects those who utilize he/him pronouns when referring to them.

With any luck, litmus tests such as these will weed out any ‘anti-woke’ warriors and send them packing to some obscure subreddit to air out their grievances into the void.

Source: NPR