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  • Launched On: December 14, 1963
  • Airing On: BBC
  • Genre: Sci-Fi

Technically speaking, there have been many Doctors in the Doctor Who universe over the show’s 60-plus-year timeline. Fans have gravitated to some more than others.

Here are some of the most popular actors to play the Doctor…

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Apple Cancels High Profile Sci-Fi Thriller Series After Just One Season

In the modern streaming era, it seems as though no show is safe from cancellation, even when it has established …

2 months ago

doctor who peter capaldi

Doctor Who Return Ruined By Digital Pirates

Right now, fans are gearing up for a new era of Doctor Who: we have a brand-new Doctor and a …

2 months ago

new doctor who

Doctor Who Nearly Changed Forever By Horror Icon

While Doctor Who has been a pop culture phenomenon since it premiered in 1963, it’s fair to say the show …

2 months ago

Doctor Who Regenerates Into The Best Season In Years

After getting to open the present early with a Christmas special, fans were recently treated to the proper premiere of …

2 months ago

doctor who Harry Potter

David Tennant Saved Doctor Who’s Legacy In Small But Important Way

While there have been plenty of actors to portray the Doctor, David Tennant is often considered the best actor to …

2 months ago

Doctor Who Is Fighting The British Government

Russell T Davies, the current showrunner behind the long-running iconic series Doctor Who is about to go up against the …

2 months ago

Star Trek TNG Covers Up Doctor Who Crossover In Remastered Version

No matter how much fans have wanted it to happen, we have never been treated to an onscreen crossover between …

3 months ago

Fandom Crossovers Have Lost The Magic

Once, fandom crossovers were fairly standard. If you liked one TV show, then it was very likely you liked one …

3 months ago

Doctor Who Showrunner Defends Season Release Despite Fan Outrage

Doctor Who is switching from airing new episodes on television to debuting them on streaming first, and fans are unhappy …

3 months ago

The Best Star Trek And Sci-Fi-Inspired Cocktails To Try Now

Sci-fi movies and shows always feature really delicious-looking sci-fi cocktails. In some faraway galaxy, on some undiscovered world, or perhaps …

3 months ago

All These Actors Were In Both Star Wars And Doctor Who

Doctor Who and Star Wars are franchises that feel like they’ve been around forever. I mean can we even remember …

3 months ago

Andrew Scott Slams Fleabag Fans With Cruel Jokes

If you’re a Fleabag fan who still throws the 2016 series on occasionally, actor Andrew Scott has a message for …

3 months ago

Tom Holland Attacked For Romeo & Juliet Performance

With the release of James Lloyd Company’s Romeo & Juliet cast a week ago, many people have grown angry at …

4 months ago

France Is Using The Dead To Produce Clean Energy

Look, we get it: the very idea of a European nation using the dead as a source of energy sounds …

4 months ago

The First Omen First Reactions Are All Saying The Same Shocking Thing

As Blumhouse Productions and David Gordon Green learned the hard way last year with The Exorcist: Believer, not every classic …

4 months ago

The Best Detective Series Of All Time Is Finally On Disney+

One of the most popular TV adaptations of Arthur Conan Doyal’s Sherlock Holmes series is now available to stream on …

4 months ago

Doctor Who AI Controversy Cancels Promotion

Doctor Who is poised to return to the BBC this May, with a brand new Doctor in the leading role, …

4 months ago

doctor who special

Doctor Who Fan-Favorite Returning To New Series But There’s A Catch

Stephen Moffat has confirmed that he will be writing for Season 14 of Doctor Who, featuring Ncuti Gatwa as the …

4 months ago

The Best Doctor Who Episodes Of The David Tennant Era

Count the shadows if you want to live.

4 months ago

Iconic James Bond Actress Dead At 80

British actress Pamela Salem, who appeared in Sean Connery’s final outing as James Bond, Never Say Never Again, died at …

5 months ago

true detective season 5

True Detective Creator Calls New Season Stupid

While many fans are heralding the new season of HBO’s True Detective as the franchise’s saving grace, there’s one person …

6 months ago

How Doctor Who Can Avoid Marvel’s Messiest Sci-Fi Mistake

In the Doctor Who 60th anniversary episode “The Giggle,” showrunner Russel T. Davies introduced the concept of “bi-generation,” which allowed …

6 months ago

doctor who

Doctor Who Star Alleges Abuse Of Power From Actress Over Sex Scene

Compared to how it used to be in the past, the last few decades have seen a big uptick in …

6 months ago

doctor who

Doctor Who Cancels Companion After One Season

Popular British soap actress Millie Gibson, who joined the cast of Doctor Who as Ruby Sunday, the companion to Ncuti Gatwa’s Fifteenth …

6 months ago

The Avengers Reboot In The Works From Netflix Director

Most people might think of Iron Man, Captain America, and Black Widow when they hear someone talk about the Avengers, …

6 months ago

The Greatest Sitcom Predicted Doctor Who’s Biggest Change

In the hit sitcom Community, one of the cuter recurring gags is that Abed is a huge fan of Inspector …

7 months ago

Doctor Who Christmas Specials Saving Lives?

The Doctor has always been that rare sci-fi protagonist who’s more concerned with saving lives than taking them. His primary …

7 months ago

Doctor Who Fans Split On Bi-generation

Going into the Doctor Who 60th-anniversary special episodes, many fans were anticipating a bittersweet experience: after all, it was going …

7 months ago

Doctor Who Major Plot Hole Explained With Deleted Scene

For longtime fans of the franchise, the Doctor Who 60th-anniversary episodes have been truly special because they reunite David Tennant’s …

8 months ago