Doctor Who Star Alleges Abuse Of Power From Actress Over Sex Scene

By Britta DeVore | Published

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Compared to how it used to be in the past, the last few decades have seen a big uptick in productions hiring intimacy coordinators to ensure safe feelings for everyone on set. Not only is their presence meant to ease the minds of those involved in the scene’s personal moments, but it’s also to make sure that a situation like this one doesn’t happen. According to Doctor Who and True Detective alum Christopher Eccleston, he sure could’ve used an extra set of eyes present during a sex scene as an A-list actress would later accuse him of “copping a feel.”

Christopher Eccleston Is Fighting Back Against Allegations

Vehemently denying these claims, Christopher Eccleston referred to the allegations against him as an “abuse of power,” saying that, though time has passed, the wound is still fresh for him. Having appeared in numerous big and small screen productions, which have seen him pairing up with quite a few A-list celebs, Eccleston made it a point to note that the woman in question was not Nicole Kidman, referring to the Academy Award-winning actress as “brilliant.”

The Accusation Pre-Dates #MeToo

As Christopher Eccleston continued to share his story, the actor revealed that it was shortly after cameras had stopped rolling that his scene partner made her first remarks “in front of the crew,” citing her dislike for him as the reason for spreading the accusation. Putting more of a time stamp on the event, he said that it was before disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein was found guilty of sexual abuse, adding that, had it been around that time, he may have been “put in the stocks for it.”

An Intimacy Coordinator Would Have Stopped The Accusations

Holding himself to the utmost professionalism, Christopher Eccleston said that, above all else, the accusations were what hurt the most, describing the feeling as being “betrayed.” Still seething with disgust and disappointment when he recalled the moment all these years later, the Gone in 60 Seconds star said that he “would sooner have put my hands in a food blender” than have done the things that he was accused of. Circling back to the importance of intimacy coordinators, Eccleston said that he didn’t think things would’ve gone down the same way had there been someone in that profession on the set that day.

Eccleston Won’t Say Who Accused Him

With such a wide career in television and film, there’s no telling which actress Christopher Eccleston is talking about. As we mentioned, our one piece of detective work can unveil that the situation must have happened prior to 2017, which is when Harvey Weinstein’s inappropriate and illegal behavior sparked the “Me Too” movement. That still doesn’t slim things down too much as, aside from checking off Nicole Kidman, who he appeared opposite in the horror film The Others, that leaves a slew of titles up for speculation, including Elizabeth, The Invisible Circus, and more.

The Amazing Career Of Chirstopher Eccleston

Aside from his roles in these films and others, including Amelia and Thor: The Dark World, Christopher Eccleston is best known for his part in shows including The Leftovers and Doctor Who, in the latter of which he appeared as the Ninth Doctor. Currently, audiences can catch the Emmy-winning and Critics’ Choice-nominated actor in the latest season of HBO’s anthology series True Detective: Night Country, where he stars opposite Jodie Foster and Kali Reis. New episodes air weekly on Sundays.

Source: The Independent