Doctor Who Fan-Favorite Returning To New Series But There’s A Catch

By Nina Phillips | Published

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Stephen Moffat has confirmed that he will be writing for Season 14 of Doctor Who, featuring Ncuti Gatwa as the Doctor. However, he won’t be here long-term. Moffat has confirmed that he will only be writing one episode.

Stephen Moffat Is Back

For a while now, Stephen Moffat has been avoiding answering whether he’d be returning to Doctor Who or not. But now, he’s ready to admit that he played a part in one episode.

Upon announcement of his return, Moffat had this to say: “Yes, OK, fair enough – apologies to everyone I’ve very slightly misled – I am in fact writing an episode of the series of Doctor Who. Exactly like I said I never would. What can I tell you? There was begging, there was pleading but finally Russell agreed to let me have another go – so long as I got out of his garden. Working with old friends and a brand new Doctor I couldn’t be happier.”

A New Director

While Stephen Moffat is returning as a writer, there will also be a new director. Julie Anne Robinson will be directing a few episodes of the new season, including working with Moffat on his episode of Doctor Who. Julie Anne Robinson has previously worked on other famous shows, including Bridgerton, The Good Place, and Orange is the New Black.

The New Cast

Information about the cast has also been confirmed, putting months of speculation to rest. In addition to Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson as the main cast members, Yasmin Finney, Jonathan Groff, Indira Varma, Anita Dobson, Lenny Rush, and Jinkx Monsoon will be joining the cast for Season 14.

Originally A Different Returning Doctor Who Writer

Originally, the Doctor Who episode was supposed to go to another previous writer, Chris Chibnall, who wrote episodes like “The Power of Three,” “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship,” and “Cold Blood.” However, he turned down the opportunity to focus on writing a novel. Stephen Moffat was the second option, and he didn’t hesitate to agree.

Moffat’s Contirbutions To Doctor Who

Stephen Moffat started on Doctor Who as a writer in 2005. He also served as a showrunner for a few stints, specifically for the periods when Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi played the Doctor. “Blink,” “Heaven Sent,” “The Empty Child/The Doctor Dance,” “Silence,” and “Library/Forest of the Dead” are just some of the episodes Stephen Moffat wrote for Doctor Who over the years.

His writing, though derided in his later seasons, is what gave the Doctor Who universe some of its most terrifying monsters, including the Weeping Angels and the Silence.

Hints Of The Episode

As for the episode he wrote for the new season, the team hasn’t revealed too much yet. It will be part of the first season featuring the 15th Doctor and their companion Ruby Sunday, played by Millie Gibson. Stephen Moffat also hinted that it would have a Hitchcockian theme, similar to Psycho and Rear Window.

A New Era For Doctor Who

The current showrunner, Russell T Davies, offers a little bit more information about the episode. To be specific, he gives three words: antelope, moment, and drums. As expected, though interesting hints, they don’t reveal much about the episode.

Thankfully, because he will be a part of Season 14, fans won’t have all that long to wait to see what Stephen Moffat has to offer for his newest and final episode. In just a few months, the show will begin to air again.

The newest season of Doctor Who will air on May 10. While other seasons are on Tubi and Max, the newest season will premiere on Disney+. For those in the UK, the show will be available to stream on BBC One.