Superman: Legacy Logo Reveal Gets Fans Excited For Beloved Story Adaptation

By Christopher Isaac | Published

  • The logo for Superman: Legacy reminds fans of one of the most popular Superman stories.
  • Hawkgirl actress Isabela Merced shared a photo of the logo on social media.
  • The logo is similar to the one used in the Kingdom Come story arc.

While there are undoubtedly some sad feelings about saying goodbye to the DCEU, many fans can still acknowledge that it was likely for the best. The films were often disappointing to fans and critics alike, not to mention the many tumultuous scandals attached to the actors behind the scenes. So the upcoming Superman: Legacy could be just the fresh start that DC needs, and it has fans hopeful that the upcoming film might take on the Kingdom Come story with just a glimpse of the logo.

The New Logo

The actress playing Hawkgirl in the movie, Isabela Merced, shared a very intriguing photo on her Instagram stories that got comic fans buzzing recently. Longtime fans of the Superman comics were quick to recognize that the logo for Superman: Legacy looks an awful lot like the insignia Superman dons in the Kingdom Come alternate universe Superman storyline.

While that choice could have just been a fun little stylistic choice used for materials at the table read, adapting this storyline would absolutely shake things up for the version of Superman most movie fans are acquainted with.

Kingdom Come

For the uninitiated, the Kingdom Come storyline was released back in the ‘90s and marked a dramatic change from the Superman we had come to know. The story is set years later in an alternate future where the Joker winds up killing Lois Lane, and Superman withdraws from his duties as a superhero as a result.

It is eventually Wonder Woman who convinces him to return, and she winds up becoming his new love interest, an idea Superman: Legacy could explore that has not really been done in the Superman movies as of yet. It all leads to Superman creating a new, unseen version of the Justice League.

A Different Superman

Kingdom Come shows us an older, perhaps less optimistic Clark Kent than how he is typically portrayed. It is regarded as one of the most iconic Superman stories in his many years of comics. So if this is indeed what Superman: Legacy will be drawing upon for inspiration, it could be a much-needed change of pace for the character’s big screen adaption.

There have been enough Superman movies at this point that most fans know his origin story by heart and could happily go without seeing another portrayal of classic Superman’s early days as a hero.

Can James Gunn Save DC?

James Gunn DCU

While James Gunn has certainly earned a strong following as a director thanks to films like Guardians of the Galaxy, there was still some hesitation from fans about him rebooting DC out of concern it would mean retreading all the origin stories of the heroes. However, if Gunn jumps right into adapting a fresh and beloved story for his take on Superman: Legacy, it would no doubt lend a lot more confidence that the future of DC movies are indeed in good hands.

What We Know About Superman: Legacy

In addition to Hawkgirl, we also currently know that Superman: Legacy will feature Guy Gardner, Mister Terrific, Lex Luthor, Metamorpho, and Jimmy Olsen. There will no doubt be a few surprise appearances in store as we get closer to the release, but the lineup so far sounds like a nice mix of well-known names and characters who have not had their moment in the cinema spotlight yet. Altogether, these seem like promising signs that the first entry in DC’s reboot of their universe will head in some bold new directions.

Superman: Legacy is scheduled to release on July 11, 2025.