Dave Bautista’s Secret Marvel Bromance Revealed

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It can be pretty funny how disparate characters in movies can be from the actors that play them. A great example of this comes from the Marvel movies, where any fan of the franchise knows how much Drax the Destroyer loathes Thanos. However, behind the scenes, it apparently could not be more opposite. Dave Bautista, who plays Drax, revealed that Josh Brolin, who plays Thanos, is actually his “huge man crush.” And yes, those are the exact words he used to describe Brolin.

Dave Bautista Has A Man Crush On Josh Brolin

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The topic came up due to Dave Bautista and Josh Brolin being reunited in working on the Dune movies together. Bautista was recently gushing over all the talented people in the movie’s cast, like Timothee Chalamet, Zendaya, and Florence Pugh. But Brolin was the one he was happiest to see due to how much they bonded in their experience working on the Marvel movies together.

Hard To Imagine Drax Loving Thanos

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It is an amusing dynamic because in the Marvel movies, Drax is seeking revenge against Thanos due to the latter being responsible for the deaths of his family. Even with the MCU’s more comedic take on Drax, it would be extremely difficult to ever picture Drax referring to Thanos as his man crush. But Dave Bautista explained that he is just so in awe of Josh Brolin, both as a performer and as an overall human being.

The Actors Have A Lot In Common

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Dave Bautista said that during that time together at Marvel Studios, he and Brolin grew close to each other through many intimate conversations. The former WWE wrestler is known for his impressively muscled physique, so you might assume Bautista would fall into the stereotype of big guys who are not in touch with their feelings. However, with all the petty rivalries and drama that you hear between so many actors, it is absolutely refreshing to hear someone like Bautista speak so positively and openly of another male actor.

From Wrestling To Blockbusters


Though Guardians of the Galaxy was Dave Bautista’s big breakout role, he has come into his own as an actor since then. Of all the wrestlers who have transitioned from being slammed in the ring to starring in movies, many fans would argue Bautista has shown the greatest range in the roles he is willing to take.

He did not fall back on playing more comedic characters like Drax despite that role putting him on the map. In Dune: Part Two, he will be reprising his role from the first movie as Rabban Harkonnen, the leader of the Sardaukar army.

See Dave Bautista And Josh Brolin In Dune: Part Two This March

So now, when you watch the new Dune movie, if Dave Bautista’s Rabban Harkonnen and Josh Brolin’s Gurney Halleck appear together and seem to play especially well off each other, maybe you can attribute that to the bromance they have developed.

Not many actors have openly shared who their man crushes are, so there are not a lot of performances to compare them against. But you would have to imagine that acting alongside someone you are that enamored with would bring out the best in your own performance.

Dune: Part Two will be out in theaters worldwide on March 1.

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