Dune Part Two Reviews Are All Saying The Same Thing

By Britta DeVore | Published

  • Critic reviews of Dune: Part Two are rolling in, and we’re not at all surprised at what they have to say.
  • Dune: Part Two currently holds a 98 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • Critics are praising the sequel, comparing it to favorites like Empire Strikes Back and The Two Towers.
  • You can review the film yourself when it releases in theaters on March 1.

Today in a fresh installment of “news that just makes sense,” the first wave of reviews are in for Dune: Part Two, and they’re all saying the same thing. While the movie doesn’t come out for us normies for another week, critics have been given the chance to catch it first with many confirming what we’ve known all along – this is one sci-fi epic you won’t want to miss. The film currently holds an almost perfect score of 98 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, with words like “spectacular,” “thrilling,” and “stunning” being used to describe it.

To many, it seemed the day would never come when we would return to Arrakis after the first installment in Denis Villeneuve’s film series dropped back in 2021. But, finally, the day has almost arrived with those who have already seen it promising that Dune: Part Two will be both “Heavy with spectacle and theme” as well as “nimble” in the way the plot progresses.

“Heavy with spectacle and theme as it is, Part Two is often surprisingly nimble. As a filmmaker, Villeneuve has long had trouble balancing plot with picture, but here he almost gets the calibration exactly right.”

Richard Lawson

If you were worried that it couldn’t possibly live up to the hype of the first installment, the critics are here to say fear not with one writing, “Villeneuve’s second chapter tops its fantastic predecessor in every way possible.”

The first feature boasted a runtime of two hours and 48 minutes, which seemed to be long enough for some fans with Dune: Part Two clocking in just two minutes shorter. If the time stamp was driving you away from watching it in the theater, one critic says it’s worth every minute writing that it “totally earns its two-and-a-half-hour running time” promising that audiences will be engaged every step of the way. 

“Villeneuve’s second chapter tops it’s fantastic predecessor in every possible way with exquisite set pieces, gorgeous visual design, astounding action, and a stunning cast.”

Jenn Adams

Along with Villeneuve’s specific vision and direction for Dune: Part Two, many were raining down praise on the writing team who were able to mesh the director’s “immersive world-building with engrossing storytelling.” Another review said the storyline added so many more pieces to the film without losing the attention span of viewers unfamiliar with Frank Herbert’s novels and that it also “doesn’t shy away from character complexities.”

dune 2
Timothee Chalamet in Dune: Part Two

With storytelling and vision an absolutely key component of making the Dune franchise the celebrated film series that it is, the next piece of the puzzle was in finding the right actors to portray the sprawling characters in the fictional world. With names like Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, and Austin Butler pulling the leading performances, we knew that Dune: Part Two would be stacked with excellent acting. Our suspicions were confirmed in multiple reviews with descriptors of the ensemble including words like “stunning” and “brilliant.”

Dune: Part Two picks up following the events of the first film, with Paul Atreides (Chalamet) now joining ranks with The Fremen in hopes of bringing House Harkonnen to its knees. Trailers have teased epic battles (with first reactions comparing them to The Lord of the Rings) and even given us our first look at Paul successfully riding a sandworm. The rest of the star-studded cast includes names like Florence Pugh, Anya Taylor-Joy, Rebecca Ferguson, Christopher Walken, Josh Brolin, Dave Bautista, and more. 

“Dune: Part Two is a The Empire Strikes Back or The Return of the King-level event. A science fiction classic in the making that’ll inspire the next generation of science fiction and fantasy films.”

Karl Delossantos

Available in both regular theaters and IMAX, there are a handful of ways that audiences can fully engross themselves in the cinematic magic that will be Dune: Part Two. Tickets are now on sale with theaters seeing impressive sales, especially during a month that saw a slump in the box office thanks to Sony’s flop of the year – Madame Web. If the critics are right, you won’t want to miss the biggest sci-fi movie in recent years when Dune: Part Two arrives in cinemas on March 1.