SNL Icon Joins DCU In Peacemaker Season 2

By Jacob VanGundy | Updated

john cena peacemaker season 2

James Gunn has announced that Saturday Night Live legend Tim Meadows will join the DCU in Peacemaker Season 2. The beloved comedic actor is a perfect addition to the popular show starring John Cena. As an established comedic actor, he’ll elevate the show and perhaps the new cinematic universe with it.

Tim Meadows Enters The DC Universe

The announcement was made on Instagram by showrunner and co-head of the DCU, James Gunn. The post was a picture of Gunn posing for a picture with Tim Meadows and Peacemaker actor Steve Agee. The photo welcomed Meadows to the DCU and announced his role as an ARGUS agent named Langston Fleury in Peacemaker Season 2. 

Representing ARGUS

Peacemaker aired on Max in 2022 after the character was introduced in The Suicide Squad as a secondary antagonist. It follows a group of ARGUS agents, the agency Tim Meadow’s character will work for, as they work with the idiotic, jingoistic hero Peacemaker to stop an alien invasion. With stylized violence and James Gunn’s signature humor at the forefront, it was a hit.

Joining The Amazing Comedic Cast

The first season of Peacemaker featured John Cena, Danielle Brooks, Freddie Stroma, Chukwudi Iwuji, Jennifer Holland, Steve Agee, and Robert Patrick. Tim Meadows is a great addition to that stacked cast of great comedic actors. While not all of the cast from the first season will be returning, it will be great to see the SNL alumni bouncing off of great talent like Cena, Agee, and Iwuji. 

Tim Meadows Has Been All Over Hollywood

Tim Meadows is best known for his nine years on Saturday Night Live, but his time on that show led to his appearance in numerous comedy movies and series. He’s had roles in such beloved comedy films as Mean Girls, Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, and Wayne’s World 2. He’s also a prolific TV actor appearing on The Office, Bob’s Burgers, The Mandalorian, and dozens of other shows. 

News about the addition of Tim Meadows is also reassuring because there has been relatively little information about Peacemaker Season 2 since it was announced. James Gunn stated earlier this year that it would be a soft reboot to fit into the new DCU, but reassured fans of the first season everything would fit naturally with those events. Plot details and much of the casting remain unknown at this time. 

One Of The First Series Of The New DC

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With Peacemaker Season 2 being one of the first DCU properties, Tim Meadows is getting in on the ground floor of the new universe. The moral ambiguity of ARGUS makes it hard to guess what kind of character he will be playing, as it could be anything from a villain to a by-the-book agent to clash with John Canea’s chaotic Peacemaker. It’s also unknown if his character will be exclusive to the show or if he’ll appear in other DCU properties. 

Regardless of what kind of agent Langston Fleury is, Tim Meadows is an exciting addition to the DCU. His comedy chops could help sell people on the new DCU, which under James Gunn will likely have a more comedic focus than the previous DCEU led by Zack Snyder. Peacemaker Season 2 will premiere on Max, though no release date has been announced.