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Christopher Reeve Superman Movies Are Getting The Upgrade They Deserve

Christopher Reeve’s Superman movies are being re-released in a box set.

1 month ago

Shazam! Fury of the Gods

Shazam 2 Is Looking To Be A Disaster For DC In The Most Important Way

Shazam 2 is projected for a low opening weekend box office coming in well-below its budget.

1 month ago

batman forever

There Is A Batman Movie With A Much Longer, Darker Cut And Fans Want It Now

A three-hour cut of Batman Forever allegedly exists and delves into Bruce Wayne’s psychology, but it has not been released.

1 month ago


Exclusive: Aquaman 2 Test Screening So Bad That People Walked Out

Reportedly, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is testing poorly and reshoots are in production.

1 month ago


The Christopher Reeve Superman Moment That Made Crew Members Break Down In Tears

The crew on Christopher Reeve’s first Superman film started crying when they saw the flying effect for the first time. At that moment, they believed a man could fly.

1 month ago


Man Of Steel Actor Returning To Take Over Superman Role?

Dylan Sprayberry, who played young Clark Kent in Man of Steel, is interested in returning to play an older Superman.

1 month ago

There Is No Reason To Watch The Next Two Years Of DC Movies

The next few years of DC movies can be ignored before James Gunn’s personally developed movies are released. Nothing in the next two years has an announced follow-up, and the whole universe is being reset, so why bother?

1 month ago

henry cavill

Henry Cavill Secretly Sniped By James Gunn Over Superman?

Henry Cavill’s ousting as Superman may have been orchestrated by James Gunn, thanks to a recent string of posts confirming that Gunn was working on a Superman: Legacy movie before being hired as a DCU boss.

1 month ago

books of magic

The Greatest DC Story Ever Finally Getting Made Into A Gigantic Blockbuster?

Shazam actor Zachary Levi said he would love to take part in a Kingdom Come movie in the DC Universe.

1 month ago

the flash ring

Ezra Miller Getting Replaced As The Flash And This Is His Replacement?

Ezra Miller’s controversial legal issues have complicated The Flash, prompting rumors to keep circulating on Grant Gustin, Flash from The CW show, making the jump to the big screen.

1 month ago

supergirl the flash

It Doesn’t Matter How Good Sasha Calle Is As Supergirl, She’s Doomed

Sources are asserting that Sasha Calle will only portray Supergirl in The Flash and no further projects.

1 month ago

james gunn dc superman

James Gunn Keeps Shooting Down Superman Ideas

James Gunn tells fans online that his new Superman’s age is still undetermined.

1 month ago

james gunn DC movies

DC Studios Reveals Plan To Steal Marvel’s Actors

James Gunn revealed it has always been his plan to bring Marvel actors to DC.

1 month ago

robert pattinson the batman

Robert Pattinson Making Surprise Batman Return Ahead Of Sequel?

Robert Pattinson is rumored to be appearing in The Penguin series before The Batman 2 is released.

1 month ago

bryan cranston

See Bryan Cranston Take Over As Mr. Freeze For New Batman Project

Mr. Freeze is rumored to appear in an upcoming Batman project, and imaginative artwork proves that Bryan Cranston is a perfect choice.

1 month ago

blue beetle superhero movie news

Blue Beetle Is The Best Possible Movie For The New DC Universe, Here’s Why

Blue Beetle is the DCU movie that can help bring the comic movie company out of mediocrity.

1 month ago

shazam 2

Shazam 2’s Best Character Is Done With DC Forever?

Shazam! Fury of the Gods star Grace Caroline Currey says she isn’t sure whether or not she has a DCU future after the upcoming sequel.

1 month ago

DC Universe

Justice League Fans Just Got Terrible News

Justice League Dark has been canceled again, this time it was the HBO Max streaming series being worked on by J.J. Abrams.

1 month ago


Fans Of DC’s Peacemaker Series Crushed After James Gunn Reveals Really Bad News

Peacemaker season 2 is being de-prioritized in favor of Superman: Legacy and Waller.

1 month ago

Brendan Fraser

Brendan Fraser Reveals The Best Part Of Cancelled Batgirl Movie

Brendan Fraser says that the canceled Batgirl film featured Glasgow as the best rendition of Gotham City.

1 month ago

wonder woman 3

Wonder Woman 3 – Is This Gal Gadot Sequel Officially Canceled?

Wonder Woman 3 was originally set to happen with Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins back, but the film was canceled after the DC changeover.

leslie grace batgirl

Batgirl Star Leslie Grace Says DC Is Lying About The Movie

Leslie Grace thinks Warner Bros. isn’t being honest about the fate of Batgirl, poking holes in the studio’s reasoning for cancelling the completed film.

1 month ago

joker 2

Joker 2 Actors Aren’t Being Allowed To Use The Bathroom?

Extras working on the set of Joker 2 have complained about not getting proper time to use the bathroom and drink water.

1 month ago

the flash ring

Do Not See The Flash In Theaters, Here’s Why

An argument for boycotting The Flash because of its star, Ezra Miller.

1 month ago

the penguin

Marvel Star Jumping Ship To The Biggest Upcoming DC Series

DC’s upcoming The Penguin series will get some more star power as Rhenzy Feliz of Marvel’s Runaways joins the cast.

1 month ago

brendan fraser

Brendan Fraser Actually Returning To The DC Universe?

Brendan Fraser recently revealed that he would be willing to return to the DC Universe if the right role came along.

1 month ago

batman caped crusader

The Worst Batman Also Coming Back For The Flash?

A new rumor suggests that an ex-Batman actor will make a surprise return in The Flash, leaving fans wondering if George Clooney will reprise the role.

1 month ago

batmobile batman flash

See The Classic Batmobile From The Flash, Up Close And In Detail

Here’s a closer look at the Batmobile from the new trailer for The Flash.

1 month ago

the flash ring

What The Flash’s Ring From The Trailer Does

The Flash’s ring, seen for the first time in the trailer for the upcoming film, lets Barry Allen quickly get into his iconic costume.

1 month ago

See Michael Keaton Back As Batman In The Flash Up Close And In Detail

Michael Keaton is back as Batman; see all the details you may have missed in The Flash trailer.

1 month ago