The Batman Nightmare On Elm Street Crossover That Actually Happened In The ’80s

By Charlene Badasie | Published

When the 1989 Batman film, directed by Tim Burton, became a cultural phenomenon, the era of the campy 1960s Adam West TV series disappeared. When the movie was released, stores were saturated with merchandise, including everything from toys to clothes. Heather Langenkamp, known for her role in A Nightmare on Elm Street, was also featured in Batman bike gear.

Nightmare On Elm Street’s Heather Langenkamp Markets Batman Attire

The Batman / A Nightmare on Elm Street team-up served as a cross-promotion for the superhero movie and Langenkamp’s ABC sitcom Just the Ten of Us, which had a trial run from April to May 1988. The move was part of Warner Brothers’ marketing efforts for the film, which included using models who were often stars of Warner Bros. television shows or the children of executives.

Among the various items produced were a Batman movie magazine by Topps, a Batman brochure by Warner Bros, and a Batman cereal box. The merchandise was designed to appeal to a wide audience, including comic book fans and casual audiences who were familiar with the character through various media, such as the 1960s television show.

Featured In Topps Cataelog

batman caped crusader

The merchandise was not limited to the film’s specific design and style, as various interpretations of the character were used. For example, the Batman costume design imagined a more machine-like look, with a bootleg t-shirt style and bat symbol. The merchandise also featured other characters from the Batman universe, such as the Joker, Alfred, and Catwoman.

The Batman brochure produced by Topps featured double-page spreads with key plot points of the film. Beyond narrative details, one section delved into Batman’s array of weapons. Its movie merchandise pages showcased posters, t-shirts, and bracelets featuring the Batman title logo. Other ads featured Batman books by DC Comics, a role-playing game, and a video game.

Distributed During Batman’s Release To Boost Interest In The Film

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The travel brochure-sized pamphlet, reportedly distributed to movie-goers during the opening weekend by numerous theaters, aimed to capitalize on Bat-Mania for Warner Bros. Alongside Toy Biz action figures, playing cards, and window clings, extravagant offerings called to those willing to splurge, reminiscent of Joker’s ostentatious parade through Gotham City.

Batman And Joker Figures Sold For Nearly $500

batman 1989

At the time, limited edition handcrafted figurines of the Joker and Batman boasted exorbitant price tags of $495 each. While undoubtedly appealing, such luxury items seemed reserved for those with pockets lined with cash. Still, Toy Biz’s Batman figure became a popular fixture in toy boxes and on collectors’ shelves after June 1989.

DC’s Recent Nightmare on Elm Street Crossover

In 2023, the DC Universe crossed over more closely with A Nightmare on Elm Street with the release of Knight Terrors. Created by Joshua Williamson and Howard Porter, the story begins with Knight Terrors: First Blood #1, which hit shelves on July 4, 2023. In this chilling tale, DC’s iconic superheroes find themselves involved in a murder mystery that forces them to face their deepest fears.

Knight Terrors unfolds across a four-issue series. Joshua Williamson not only wrote the main storyline but also contributed to Knight Terrors: Batman alongside artist Guillem March and Knight Terrors: Superman alongside artist Tom Reilly. These comic books and other Batman merchandise are available everywhere cool stuff is sold.