James Gunn Must Prove the DCU Doesn’t Need the Multiverse

By Shanna Mathews-Mendez | Published

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James Gunn has garnered much favor with fans, critics, and the world at large with his Marvel movies. Now, having taken over as one of the CEO’s of DC Studios, he will have to prove himself once more. There are big expectations to live up to at DC. One way James Gunn can build and maintain integrity with the future of the DCU is to leave the concept of the multiverse alone. 

Proved His Talent With The Guardians of the Galaxy

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The first time I watched The Guardians of the Galaxy, I wanted to know who wrote the script.

Yes, Chris Pratt, Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana, and the rest of the cast did an excellent job acting and delivering lines, but who was this writer and director?

It was the brilliantly funny, sharp, and witty writer and director, James Gunn. Guardians proved the power of writing and directing in the same way Thor: Ragnarok did for Taika Waititi. The timing is perfect, the adventure is exciting, the emotions are real, and the laughter is genuine. It’s something we are hoping James Gunn brings to the DCU.

Taking Over DC

Gunn did it again with Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 2. He came back to write and direct the last of the Guardians films, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, a resounding success. 

Then, in a wild team switch, James Gunn accepted the position for the other side! He and his producing partner, Peter Safran, have taken on the roles of co-CEOs at DC Studios, where they will oversee the creation and production of all future films in the DCU. 

Mind. Blown. 

Saying Goodbye To The Old DC

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In just a couple of short years, Gunn has scrapped the storylines of previous films, asking us to say goodbye to perhaps the best Superman of all time, Henry Cavill, as well as a spectacular Wonder Woman in Gal Gadot.

He plans to return to origin stories and build from there. But, will he allow us to remain firmly grounded in a single timeline and universe in his first DC Studios Film, Superman: Legacy and beyond? Or will we end up in another multiverse of madness? 

Multiverse Makes Things Messy

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Marvel has gotten a lot right, but the multiverse just makes things so messy. Dr. Strange’s sequel suffered abysmally and even the recent Spider-Man: No Way Home, though a great film, brings so many multiverse elements into the movie that it’s hard to keep up. Can’t we just focus on a single dimension and a single universe? 


Flash Set Up Multiverse

With new actors and origin stories on the way, how can James Gunn hope to maintain the integrity of the DCU without working with the multiverse?

After all, the ending of Flashpoint revealed that Barry was now in an alternate universe after having fixed the timeline. George Clooney as Batman solidified that. 

But we don’t need multiple Batmans, Wonder Womans, Supermans, Aquamans, and Flashes. Just give us our superheroes and build an excellent franchise around them, like you did with the Guardians, James. 

Much Work To Do

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There’s so much to work with here, and James Gunn has proven himself to be an expert at mixing dark themes with lighthearted moments, perfect for the DCU. He can do this without getting into complicated alternate dimensions and universes. 

Weaving storylines into and out of the multiverse almost feels like cheating us out of his real creativity. By deciding to start over from the beginning, Gunn can tell great stories and develop these characters and their trials and tribulations on their own merits. Simple but powerful. 

James Gunn managed to keep Starlord and his gang out of the multiverse mess at Marvel. I believe he can do the same for Clark and his crew in the DCU. Indeed, I believe he must.  

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