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Time Bandits Remake Reveals Enormous Fantasy Adventure, See The Proof

Earlier today, Apple released a trailer for their remake of the classic 1981 film Time Bandits on YouTube. In the …

3 days ago

Russell Crowe Gives Harsh Truth To Comic Book Movie Actors

Russell Crowe has been in the Hollywood business for a long time, and part of that time has been spent …

3 weeks ago

Deadpool & Wolverine Director Helming Next Avengers Is The Most Awful Possibility

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is entering a new phase that demands innovation while preserving the legacy of its most beloved …

1 month ago

Time Bandits Reboot First Look Reveals Friends Star In Sci-Fi Fantasy Series

The awaited Time Bandits, a reboot of a 1981 movie of the same name, just dropped its first look—six years …

2 months ago

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Marvel’s Biggest Success Reveals How Much They Are Failing 

Chris Pratt recently reminded us with his behind-the-scenes video on Instagram that Avengers: End Game was released in theaters five …

2 months ago

Netflix Adds Dystopian Sci-Fi Tearjerker Inspired By Genre Classic Children Of Men

The 2021 dystopian sci-fi film Night Raiders is available to stream on Netflix. The movie is written and directed by Danis Goulet, …

3 months ago

Canceled Fan-Favorite Series Dead After Trying For New Home

Our Flag Means Death has officially sailed into the sunset. In a heartfelt announcement, David Jenkins, the creator of the …

4 months ago

Dark Netflix Sci-Fi Thriller Turns Marvel’s Best Hero Into A Villain

2020 was a busy year in the life of Chris Hemsworth. Not only was he working alongside filmmaker and actor …

5 months ago

best animated movies akira

Images From The Live-Action Akira Movie That Almost Happened

The live-action version of Akira had numerous starts over the years from Warner Bros. with budgetary and other concerns often …

5 months ago

Disney+ Violent Horror Comedy Puts New Spin On Vampires

What do you get when you put New Zealand’s two funniest guys in a room and tell them to make …

5 months ago

jenna ortega wednesday

Jenna Ortega Teams With Amy Adams And We Can’t Wait

Jenna Ortega and Amy Adams will be teaming up to star in the upcoming dystopian science-fiction film, Klara and the …

5 months ago

Canceled Max Series Fans Take Over Times Square

Fan loyalty knows no bounds. For evidence, if you’re in the neighborhood, take a walk over to Times Square, Manhattan. …

6 months ago

Canceled Max Series Looking For A New Home

A week ago fans of the Max series Our Flag Means Death received the devastating news that the series was …

6 months ago


Max Cancels One Of The Best Series In Years

Warner Bros Discovery has canceled a lot of shows in recent years, but this one might be the worst cancellation …

6 months ago

Jenna Ortega Starring In Sci-Fi Adaptation From Major Marvel Director

Everyone’s favorite Wednesday star, Jenna Ortega (sorry, Christina Ricci), is reportedly in the talks to star in a sci-fi adaptation …

6 months ago

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Taika Waititi Didn’t Care About Thor, Only Took Job For Money

Taika Waititi may have renewed interest in the MCU version of Thor in Thor: Ragnarok, but apparently, he didn’t have …

8 months ago

Taika Waititi Star Wars Movie Stalling Out?

Taika Waititi’s Star Wars film is in danger of stalling out and never being finished. According to a write-up in …

8 months ago

thor love and thunder

Taika Waititi Done With Thor, Director Leaving Marvel For Good?

Taika Waititi became one of the most in-demand directors in Hollywood after the success of Thor: Ragnarok, the sci-fi comedy …

8 months ago

Our Flag Means Death Gets Queer Romance Right

In a world filled with too many straight rom-coms, Our Flag Means Death is more than just a show about …

8 months ago

Taika Waititi rita ora

Taika Waititi Needs To Make This Comedy-Horror He Promised Us Already

I don’t care if Taika Waititi’s Star Wars movie ever goes into production, it wouldn’t bother me if he never …

9 months ago

taika waititi star wars

Taika Waititi Has Completed His Star Wars Movie?

While Marvel fans are still holding their breath to find out if Chris Hemsworth will return to his role as …

10 months ago

Another Star Wars Movie Canceled?

Following Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm in 2012, the studio released a new live-action Star Wars film annually from 2015 to …

10 months ago

one piece

With One Piece Done, TV’s Other Big Quirky Pirate Show is Coming Back

The One Piece live-action adaptation hit Netflix at the end of August and has had everyone in a pirate mood …

10 months ago

reservation dogs season 3

Reservation Dogs Season 3 Premiere Review: Sweet, Funny Beginning To The Final Season

RESERVATION DOGS SEASON 3 PREMIERE REVIEW SCORE Reservation Dogs Season 3 returned with its two episode premiere this week, and …

11 months ago

Reservation Dogs Ending With Season 3

Taika Waititi is ending Reservation Dogs after Season 3, considering it the right creative choice for the series.

1 year ago

See Rita Ora In Stunning Fashion Photos Taken By Taika Waititi 

Taika Waititi displays some talent as Rita Ora’s fashion photographer.

1 year ago

taika waititi

Taika Waititi Struggling With Star Wars Script, Says He’ll Just Tour With Rita Ora Instead

Taika Waititi admits he’s struggling with a script for his Star Wars movie.

1 year ago

Taika Waititi’s Star Wars Movie: Everything We Know

Taika Waititi’s Star Wars movie has been in development for some time now though the plot and details remain a mystery.

Akira logo

Live-Action Akira Movie Moving Forward, But It Might Be A Comedy

Although the Akira movie has been shelved for years, Taika Waititi’s Star Wars movie has been put on hold so the director can return to the Akira project.

1 year ago