Jenna Ortega Starring In Sci-Fi Adaptation From Major Marvel Director

By Jason Collins | Published

Jenna Ortega

Everyone’s favorite Wednesday star, Jenna Ortega (sorry, Christina Ricci), is reportedly in the talks to star in a sci-fi adaptation coming from a major Marvel director, Taika Waititi. From what we know so far, the upcoming movie is an adaptation of a same-name novel centered on a robot created to prevent loneliness.

According to Hollywood insider Jeff Sneider, Jena Ortega is in talks to star in Taika Waititi’s adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguro’s 2021 bestseller novel of the same name, with the project being in development at Sony 3000 Pictures, with Dahvi Waller attached to the script. From what we know about the novel, titled Klara and the Sun, Klara is a robot girl specifically created to prevent teenagers from being lonely in a story in which she’s trying to save a family of humans she lives with from experiencing heartbreak.

jenna ortega wednesday
Jenna Ortega as Wednesday on Netflix

The entire narrative is set in the future in which some children are genetically engineered for enhanced academic ability. Their education is provided in a home-school setting by on-screen tutors, with very limited socialization opportunities, which leads financially endowed parents to often buy android companions for their children. Besides the purported involvement of Jenna Ortega, other names associated with the project include Garret Basch and David Heyman as producers for Heyday Film. The author of the IP, Kazuo Ishiguro, will executive produce the film.

It’s still unknown whether Jenna Ortega will play Klara or some other character in the film. Ortega has become well known for her role as Wednesday Addams in Wednesday—which is currently awaiting its second season on Netflix. Her purported involvement with Klara and the Sun is generating plenty of excitement among her fans, reflecting her swift rise to fame and lauded performances.

Jenna Ortega in Scream V
Jenna Ortega in Scream V

After starring in two Scream movies, Jenna Ortega was on board to reprise her role as Tara Carpenter in Scream VII, but she has parted with her role. It was initially believed that she decided to step away following the removal of Melissa Barrera after the actress was fired for supposed antisemitic social media posts. However, it was later revealed that Ortega left Scream VII before Barrera was fired.

Various roles in previously mentioned releases only attest to Jenna Ortega’s versatility and depth as an actress, which enables her to bring Klara’s character to life—assuming that she’s cast for the role. Waititi, on the other hand, is also a solid director. Considering that he did a good job of Thor: Love and Thunder and Next Goal Wins, it is quite evident that he’s capable of tackling diverse genres and themes; so, there’s actually very little doubt that he and Ortega will make a wonderful team for Klara and the Sun, which basically discusses the ethical implications of AI technologies and their impact.

Source: Jeff Sneider