Canceled Fan-Favorite Series Dead After Trying For New Home

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

Our Flag Means Death has officially sailed into the sunset. In a heartfelt announcement, David Jenkins, the creator of the acclaimed pirate comedy has confirmed that the show has reached the end of its journey after failing to secure a new home following its cancellation on Max.

Our Flag Means Death Heads To Davey Jones Locker

Jenkins took to Instagram to express his gratitude to Our Flag Means Death’s dedicated fan base and to confirm that efforts to find an alternative platform for the series had been unsuccessful. Despite a spirited campaign by fans to save the show, Jenkins revealed that there were no takers among potential networks or streaming services.

“I can officially confirm that we’ve reached the end of the road. At least as far as this sweet show is concerned,” Jenkins wrote of Our Flag Means Death’s official cancelation. “After many complimentary meetings, conversations, etc it seems there is no alternate home for our crew.”

The Golden Age Of Piracy

Our Flag Means Death, known for its unique blend of humor and adventure, followed the escapades of a group of endearing pirates led by Rhys Darby and Taika Waititi. Taking place during the Golden Age of Piracy in the early 18th century and loosely based on historical figures, the show chronicles the escapades of Stede Bonnet (Darby), a gentleman who transitions into a pirate and his crew aboard the Revenge. Together, they embark on misadventures as they aim to establish themselves as notorious pirates, encountering the legendary pirate captain Blackbeard (Waititi) along the way.

Praised For Its Characters

The series received an average rating of 93 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, including praise for its LGBTQ+ representation. While a tale of adventure and piracy on the surface, at its heart, the series depicted an epic romance between two very different, but still somehow compatible, pirates, Stede and Blackbeard. Despite its popularity and critical acclaim, Our Flag Means Death faced the unfortunate fate of cancellation in January after its second season failed to secure a renewal.

Appreciation For The Fan Support

Jenkins expressed his heartfelt appreciation to the fans of Our Flag Means Death for their unwavering support and positivity throughout the show’s run. He wrote, “To you wonderful fans: thank you. You are lovely and earnest. A love like ours can’t disappear in an instant. When we see each other off in mystic, say hello.”

While bidding farewell to the show, Jenkins hinted at the possibility of future collaborations with members of the Our Flag Means Death cast and crew. “We won’t say goodbye, because we’re not leaving. We’re just taking a breather until next time we can share something together.”

Two Amazing Seasons

Our Flag Means Death, which made its debut on Max in 2022, quickly amassed a devoted following and received praise for its inclusive storytelling and charismatic characters. The series’ second season premiered in October 2023 before its unfortunate cancellation earlier this year.

As fans come to terms with the end of Our Flag Means Death, they can take solace in the creator’s assurance that the spirit of the show will live on, potentially paving the way for future adventures and collaborations in the world of entertainment.