Deadpool & Wolverine Director Helming Next Avengers Is The Most Awful Possibility

By Charlene Badasie | Published

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is entering a new phase that demands innovation while preserving the legacy of its most beloved characters. I was a little apprehensive when reports revealed that Shawn Levy might direct the next Avengers film. As someone who has watched every MCU film since 2008’s Iron Man, I have a vested interest in seeing it thrive.

However, Shawn Levy’s name is not one that I immediately associate with the grand, intricate storytelling that the Avengers series demands.

Not A Good Stylistic Fit

deadpool & wolverine

While Shawn Levy is an accomplished filmmaker with a storied portfolio, a deeper analysis of his work suggests that his directorial choices might take the MCU’s next grand Avengers movie in the worst possible creative direction. Levy’s style is characterized by humor, heart, and spectacle. Although he excels in creating feel-good movies, like the 2003 family comedy Cheaper by the Dozen, is that what we want from Avengers 5?

One could use the upcoming Shawn Levy-directed Deadpool & Wolverine film as a counterpoint to my Avengers argument. The irreverence and meta-humor found in the Deadpool films align well with Levy’s strengths. As does Ryan Reynolds‘ comedic timing and penchant for self-aware silliness.

This approach is fundamentally different from what is required for an Avengers film, however. You don’t need to search too far to prove that too much goofiness is bad for Marvel.

Have We Not Learned From Thor?

chris hemsworth thor love and thunder

The stylistic flair that Taika Waititi brought to the Thor franchise was an absolute disaster. By injecting a heavy dose of humor and a quirky visual style, Waititi transformed Thor into a comedic, almost farcical figure. Even Chris Hemsworth, who gained worldwide fame for his portrayal of Thor, voiced his regrets about the creative direction of his character.

On the other hand, a dark, brooding vision akin to Zack Snyder’s work in the DC Universe is not the answer either. This is why Shawn Levy directing an Avengers movie is concerning.

Humor, Heart, And Heroism

What Marvel truly needs is a return to the roots that made Phase 1 of the MCU so successful. To recapture the magic, the studio should seek out directors who can strike the perfect balance between humor, heart, and heroism.

The early films in the MCU, directed by talents like Jon Favreau (Iron Man), Kenneth Branagh (Thor), and Joe Johnston (Captain America: The First Avenger), set the stage for what would become a cinematic phenomenon. Unfortunately, Shawn Levy’s rumored involvement with the Avengers suggests a continuation of the MCU’s current misguided direction.

Take A Page From The Iron Man Playbook

robert downey jr

Jon Favreau’s Iron Man succeeded not just because of its action sequences, but because it took the time to develop Tony Stark’s character, making audiences care about his journey from a narcissistic arms dealer to a selfless hero. Kenneth Branagh brought a Shakespearean gravitas to Thor, blending majestic Norse mythology with familial drama. Joe Johnston’s Captain America grounded the superhero in a World War II setting, emphasizing themes of courage, sacrifice, and patriotism.

The potential addition of Shawn Levy to the Avengers project threatens to undermine these foundational storytelling elements.

Shawn Levy And Avengers 5

For Avengers 5, Marvel needs a director who can honor the legacy of the franchise while innovating in a way that feels true to its roots. This means finding someone who can handle complex character dynamics, weave intricate plots, and deliver high-stakes drama without losing the humor and heart that define the MCU.  While Shawn Levy’s talents are not in question, he is simply not the right director for the highly anticipated Avengers 5 movie.