See Rita Ora In Stunning Fashion Photos Taken By Taika Waititi 

Taika Waititi displays some talent as Rita Ora's fashion photographer.

By Chris Snellgrove | Published

Rita Ora in Fast and Furious 6

You know how movie trailers will sometimes promise that you are going to see a famous celeb “like you’ve never seen them before?” Well, we think that might be the perfect description for these photos of Rita Ora that were taken by her husband, Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi. From the sexy poses to the provocative (and often puzzling) wardrobe, Ora is dropping some looks on us that might as well be from out of this world.

If you’ve only looked at the first image so far, you probably think we’re pulling your leg. Sure, Rita Ora looks sexy enough in this tight-fitting red design that shows off bare shoulders and a healthy amount of skin, but the image is unlikely to blow your mind. After all, this sultry singer isn’t the first celeb to dress up like she’s an anime character.

But as soon as you get to the second image, you get a better idea of how weird this sartorial story will get. Rita Ora’s wardrobe here makes us think she went to a major designer and told them she’d like to cosplay as Ronan the Accuser from the first Guardians of the Galaxy if he took all of his fashion tips from JNCO. And if you’re having flashbacks of wearing JNCOs, this is your reminder to go take some medicine for your back pain.

rita ora

If the second image channels Ronan, the third image almost challenges Captain Marvel. At least, the headpiece does, giving Rita Ora the kind of punk look that Carol Danvers rocks from time to time in the MCU. The rest of the outfit consists of a top that exposes arms, midriff, and a bit of sideboob, giving us a glimpse of a tattoo so cool you might forget how strange the singer looks in gray gloves and a denim skirt.

The fourth image is a bit more conventional, showing multiple images of Rita Ora in jeans and a denim jacket. But notice the little differences in her head pose and expression, giving the intimate effect of looking at someone’s photo booth pics when they are hot out off the printer. In the fifth image, she is nearly busting out of her black and gold top, but those colors are overshadowed by the Green Arrow emerald sheen of her skirt and boots.

Just when we thought the photos were getting normal, Rita Ora threw us the final pic in which she is dressed in a stylized version of that all-leather clothing that Tyler Durden dreamed of wearing in Fight Club. And she looks ready to fight as well, placing arms on her legs as she leans into a kind of combat crouch and stares intimidatingly into the camera. Unfortunately, Hollywood director-turned-photographer Taika Waititi didn’t have the heart to tell her that you can’t really look scary when you’re wearing shoes so ugly that Judge Doom wouldn’t drop them into dip because he won’t touch them even with a glove on.