Lynda Carter Reveals Wonder Woman 3 Won’t Happen Without Fans, So We Can Pretty Much Give Up Any Hope

By Britta DeVore | Published

The original Diana Prince has spoken, and Lynda Carter doesn’t think that Wonder Woman 3 has a chance without the voices of the fans. After the film series led by Gal Gadot and directed by Patty Jenkins was put on ice, audiences have wondered if they’d ever see the Heart of Stone actress don the iconic hero’s suit ever again and Carter believes that without “a fan demand and outcry,” this is the end of the road. If we were to base the future of the franchise on this belief alone, it would seem as though Wonder Woman will be kept in the vault for a while as it’s tough to get a fandom so overly passionate about one thing. 

Fan Pressure Is The Only Thing That Can Save Wonder Woman 3

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In her statement, Lynda Carter said the thing that DC Studios needs to get Wonder Woman 3 up and into the sky is “pressure from fans.” While she understands that the industry (both DC and Marvel) is facing what’s been dubbed as “superhero fatigue,” she says that the character is unlike others found in both comic book-turned-film universes. “Her whole thing is about peaceful solutions,” Carter said, calling Diana Prince’s tale “a different story.”

Lynda Carter Is A Big Fan Of The Recent Wonder Woman Movies

In Lynda Carter’s mind, Wonder Woman stands out from the rest, and she doesn’t understand why the studio “tabled it” as Wonder Woman 3 wouldn’t just be a money-making project but – in her words – is also “a great franchise.” For those who may be completely in the dark when it comes to Wonder Woman lore, Carter has special ties to the character as she landed the role in the 1970s TV series and joined Gadot and the rest of the cast in 2020’s Wonder Woman 1984 as Asteria, a part she was preparing to reprise in the third feature.

Jenkins Trilogy Hopes Are Likely Dead

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Both 2017’s Wonder Woman and the sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, were under the directorial eye of Patty Jenkins, who had long expressed interest in giving Gal Gadot’s take on the superhero a full trilogy. Lynda Carter says that it was because of those two films that “interest” in her production of yesteryear was given a bump in the right direction, with many tuning in for the first time. Carter is bummed that both Jenkins and Gadot won’t have the chance to continue to deliver their message in Wonder Woman 3, one that Carter says taught audiences “To be good, kind, strong and do everything for the right reasons.”

Lynda Carter isn’t the only person to come out in recent days and make a case for Wonder Woman 3 as its director, Patty Jenkins, broke the hearts of fans everywhere when she shared the news that the film wasn’t in the works and may never be. While, for the most part, Peter Safran and James Gunn’s transition into becoming the co-heads at DC Studios was a painless process, it certainly didn’t go without its fair share of confusion and misinformation. Although Henry Cavill being (at the very least) temporarily dropped as Superman took a front seat in the media, the erasure of Wonder Woman 3 has also been a point of contention.

Plenty Of Uncertainty

Fans (Lynda Carter included), have undoubtedly been feeling the whiplash of Wonder Woman 3 as the last year has been a back-and-forth of information coming from just about everyone involved. Gal Gadot had her wires crossed at the end of last summer when she told fans that a third film would be moving forward at the studio – something that was quickly put to rest by sources close to Gunn and Safran. Meanwhile, Patty Jenkins has long teased her exciting plans for how another chapter would better shape the story of Diana Prince but she’s been the first to admit her uncertainty of whether it will ever see the light of day.

The Snydercut Is Proof Anything Is Possible

The Flash Justice League

In the past, the masses rallied around Zack Snyder to get Zack Snyder’s Justice League released so Lynda Carter’s hopes aren’t completely unfounded. But, if fans want to see Wonder Woman 3 on screens any time soon, they better start to get loud because – otherwise – it’s likely the project will simply vanish into thin air.

Source: Yahoo! Entertainment