Does Lois Lane Really Love Superman?

By Charlene Badasie | Published

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The romance between DC Comic’s Lois Lane and Superman has always been portrayed as the epitome of true love. However, a closer examination reveals a troubling aspect of this iconic pairing–Lois only has a superficial affection for Superman because she overlooks the complex humanity of the man behind the cape, Clark Kent.

Clark Kent Is More Than A Secret Identity

Clark Kent is often overshadowed by his heroic Man of Steel alter ego, which has always been his intention. He goes to great lengths to hide his true identity from Lois Lane and the world. Besides the glasses and change of hairstyle, Clark wears ill-fitting clothes to hide his physique and portrays himself as clumsy.

However, while his mild-mannered demeanor might seem like part of the disguise, it is not. Raised by Jonathan and Martha Kent, Clark’s personality is deeply intertwined with his upbringing. His core values, which he learned growing up on a small farm in Smallville, give Superman the humanity and compassion that set him apart from other superheroes.

Lois Is Just Into Superman’s Power

Although this dual identity seems to create an ironic love triangle for Clark as he competes with himself for Lois Lane’s affection, she is actually the one at fault. The Daily Planet reporter is only attracted to Superman because of his super strength, super speed, and ability to fly. She loves that he is the ultimate symbol of power and doesn’t really care about the man.

Lois Ignores Kent

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One might argue that Lois Lane’s infatuation with Superman is understandable. After all, who wouldn’t be enamored with a person capable of incredible feats and acts of heroism? However, what becomes problematic is Lois’ complete disregard for Clark Kent, the man who shares his heart and soul with her.

Lois Lane is oblivious to Clark’s true identity in many iterations of their story. Despite working closely with him, she sees him as nothing more than a bumbling colleague, failing to recognize the depth of his character or how much he cares about her. This oversight raises uncomfortable questions about Lois’s perception of love and willingness to embrace superficial ideals over genuine connection.

The Man Of Steel

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Even when Lois Lane eventually learns that Clark is Superman, one can never really tell if she just tolerates his mild-mannered side. The answer is likely the latter since, following John Byrne’s 1986 Superman reboot The Man of Steel, a more natural romance developed between Clark and Lois when Kent emerged as a more dominant personality.

Lois Needs To Wake Up

Lois Lane needs to reassess her priorities and recognize that true love transcends the superficial allure of superpowers. Only then can she fully appreciate the depth of the “super” man she’s chosen to love and the sacrifices he makes for the greater good.