The Equalizer 3 On Netflix Gives Denzel Washington A Fitting Farewell

By Michael Heuer | Updated

Denzel Washington is one of the two bonafide movie stars, along with Tom Cruise, whose presence in a film automatically generates interest among filmgoers. It’s not a coincidence that both actors excel at action films, which is why placing the Academy Award-winning Washington in the role of former marine and Defense Intelligence Agency specialist Robert McCall for a third and final Equalizer film is ideal. The Equalizer 3 takes McCall out of the United States to a small town in southern Italy where he feels at home and intends to stay.

One Last Job

Good intentions are great, but reality often disrupts them, which is why a seemingly tranquil and idyllic setting is the perfect vehicle for The Equalizer 3. Washington’s excellently played McCall character defends more than a girl or her family; instead, he defends his newly found de facto family, which is comprised of the good people of Altamonte. Unfortunately, Altamonte also has bad people in the form of the Camorra and its members, which is a centuries-old regional mafia organization.

A Small Scale But Beautiful Film

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The Equalizer 3 starts with McCall infiltrating a remote winery in Sicily to reclaim money stolen by cybercriminals. The usual body count ensues as McCall kills gangster Lorenzo Vitale and his henchmen. Vitale’s son, though, puts a bullet in McCall’s back as he tries to leave the winery. A lack of bullets makes it impossible for McCall to commit suicide, so he climbs aboard a ferry for southern Italy and drives along the Amalfi Coast until he passes out.

A local police officer finds McCall and takes Altamonte, where he recovers from his wound and finds a loving community that makes him feel loved and welcome. He also discovers the local Camorra organization that is extorting local businesses, harming local people, and taking their property. It’s an ideal setup for the final Equalizer film that director Antoine Fuqua perfectly paces between idyllic scenes to balance the violence that inevitably ensues.

An Elevated Action Film

As director of photography, Robert Richardson elevates the cinematography of The Equalizer 3 beyond what we’ve seen in the other two Equalizer films. That’s partly thanks to the production sites in Rome, Naples, and the Amalfi Coast, which deliver stunning natural settings that deserve the kind of cinematography that holds viewers’ attention. Action is great, but first-rate cinematography is an ideal complement that gives viewers an awe-inspiring experience between the film’s rousing action sequences.

The Reunion Everyone Wanted To See

We also get to see Dakota Fanning in The Equalizer 3, reuniting with Denzel Washington, as CIA agent McCall contacts to inform her of the mafia activities at the winery he infiltrated at the start of the film. They get more than the money, though. They also find a stash of fenethylline pills that are sold as popular but illegal stimulants, which upsets the local criminal organization even more and adds to the film’s tension.

Streaming On Netflix

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Denzel Washington’s final role as Robert McCall is a winner that takes advantage of its overseas setting to give the film a decidedly different feel than the first two in the Equalizer film franchise. It’s 109 minutes of ideal pacing with a great blend of action and scenery. Critics on Rotten Tomatoes give it a 76 percent approval rating, but audiences love it even more, with a 94 percent approval score.

Netflix subscribers can stream The Equalizer 3 today and enjoy the final installment of the wildly popular action series starring Denzel Washington.