Smallville Writers Making Spider-Man Series For Prime Video?

By Matthew Flynn | Published

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In the annual spirit of April Fool’s, the beloved Superman fan site, Kryptonsite, decided to weave an elaborate web of deception by claiming the creation of a “Smallville Spider-Man” show – an exciting, yet imaginary crossover linking two colossal comic book universes. The fan site reported that the creators of Smallville, the long-running Superman prequel series, were allegedly developing a new Spider-Man series for Prime. They even went as far as to drop a few well-known names associated with Spider-Man 2 that would supposedly be involved with this fictitious project.

An Elaborate April Fool’s Joke

The creative minds they alluded to included Alfred Gough and Miles Millar, the dynamic duo behind Smallville. The prank article claimed that these Smallville industry veterans would turn their talents towards the Marvel universe, creating a series focusing on a Spider-Man for Prime audiences — with their background, this could have been a big hit.

Alfred Gough Would’ve Been Perfect For A New Spider-Man Series

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Alfred Gough has carved out a unique niche in the world of screenwriting and producing. His multi-dimensional characters and complex storylines in hits like Spider-Man 2 and I Am Number Four would have worked well in the Spider-Man series. On the big and small screen, Gough’s work revitalized classic heroes to the delight of fans across the globe. Whether it was the intrigue of Smallville or the action of Spider-Man, Gough has consistently demonstrated his ability to captivate audiences with his storytelling.

Similarly, Miles Millar, Gough’s partner on Smallville and Spider-Man 2, has an impressive resume that goes beyond his work on two of the most iconic comic book heroes. Millar also co-wrote the hit films Shanghai Noon and Shanghai Knights, which demonstrated his prowess for blending action, comedy, and compelling storytelling—a necessary trait for anyone tasked with writing Spider-Man stories.

Why A Smallville Style Spider-Man Series Is A Great Idea

Despite this news being an April Fool’s prank pulled off by the folks at Kryptonsite, the concept does ignite a spark of imagination. The idea of the masterminds behind Smallville reuniting for a Spider-Man show seems like a brilliant idea. Imagine a narrative arc that would follow a young Peter Parker, just as he’s discovering his powers and starting to balance his school life with his newfound responsibilities but leaning even more to the teen drama aspect than other iterations have.

This story could delve deeper into Peter’s struggle with becoming Spider-Man, tackling the same themes of coming-of-age and self-discovery that made Smallville so engaging for fans of Clark Kent’s journey from farm boy to Superman.

Prime Video Has Already Proven They Can Produce Great Superhero Stories

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This series would undoubtedly be a fantastic addition to Prime’s library, satisfying both die-hard Smallville fans and Spider-Man enthusiasts alike. With comic-related hits like The Boys, Gen V, and Invincible, Prime also feels like it would have been the perfect landing spot for this show.

However, no matter how appealing the notion of a Smallville-style Spider-Man show may be, it’s important to remember the date on which this news was released. Always take news stories published on April 1 with a grain of salt.

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