Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn
  • First Appearance: September 1993
  • Created By:  Paul Dini and Bruce Timm
  • Portrayals: Margot Robbie, Lady Gaga
  • Owner: DC

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DC Suffers One Of The Biggest Flops In Franchise History

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Batman: Caped Crusader Villains Leak And They Look Wild

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DC’s Deadpool Is Even More Insane

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DC Ruins Its Best Batman Franchise Forever 

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Joker 2 Costs Way, Way More Than It Should

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away: films cost less than $100 million. But our’s is a …

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Joaquin Phoenix And Lady Gaga Stun In New Joker 2 Look

Joker: Folie a Deux director Todd Phillips decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day by giving us our best look yet of …

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DC Fans Raging Over Beloved Hero Death

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The Joker Needs To Go Away For One Necessary Reason

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Kaley Cuoco Series Canceled

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DC’s Next Big Release Already Looks Like A Flop

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Margot Robbie Officially Giving Up As Harley Quinn?

The DC superhero universe is in the middle of some big changes as James Gunn and Peter Safran take over. …

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Harley Quinn Season 5 Fate Decided At Max

Rest easy, Harley Quinn fans: Max recently announced the much-welcomed renewal of their hit animated show. As Variety reports, Harley Quinn will be back …

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The Harley Quinn Series DC Tries To Bury Away

Long before Margot Robbie absolutely slayed as Harley Quinn in the DCEU, there was another live-action Birds of Prey. The …

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Beloved Harley Quinn Voice Actor Fired And Recast Over Political Controversy

Tara Strong is one of the most popular and prominent voice actors in the business, and DC Comics fans love …

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Arleen Sorkin, Original Voice Of Harley Quinn, Dead At 67

Arleen Sorkin, the original voice of Harley Quinn from 2012’s Batman: The Animated Series and Days of Our Lives actress, …

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margot robbie

The R-Rated Sci-Fi Film On Streaming That Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn Owes A Debt

These days, film adaptations of comic book properties typically boast a PG-13 rating, but the 90s were a different time, …

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harley quinn

Harley Quinn Is Batman’s New Sidekick In Season 4 Trailer

What’s blue and pink and ready to kick some serious bad guy butt? It’s Harley Quinn in her new Batfamily …

1 year ago

Harley Quinn Gets Her Own Anime, See The Suicide Squad ISEKAI Reveal Video

Harley Quinn is set to appear in a brand new anime show called Suicide Squad ISEKAI. In the newly released trailer, Harley …

1 year ago

lady gaga harley quinn

See Lady Gaga As Harley Quinn In An Iconic DC Location

Lady Gaga visits the iconic New York City stairs from the first Joker movie.

1 year ago

margot robbie

Our Margot Robbie DC Exclusive Confirmed By James Gunn

James Gunn confirms our report that Margot Robbie will return to the DCU.

1 year ago

margot robbie

Margot Robbie Replaced As Harley Quinn? There’s A New Development

DCU head James Gunn says he will definitely work with Margot Robbie in the future.

1 year ago

lady gage

Lady Gaga Revealed As Harley Quinn In Joker 2 Video

Lady Gage is playing Harleen Quinzel and we have our first look at her on set for Joker: Folie à Deux

1 year ago


See Margot Robbie Replaced As Harley Quinn By Ana De Armas

Fan art shows Ana de Armas taking over Harley Quinn from Margot Robbie.

1 year ago

lady gaga joker 2

See Lady Gaga As Harley Quinn In First Joker 2 Image

Lady Gaga appears as Harleen Quinzel in this first image from Joker 2.

1 year ago

harley quinn kite man

Kite Man Is An Actual Supervillain And He’s Getting His Own Show, Are Supes Dead Yet?

Harley Quinn series villain, Kite Man, is now getting his own spinoff series called Noonan’s.

1 year ago

marvel morbius

Marvel’s Biggest Upcoming Star Is Joining DC

Brett Goldstein, who recently appeared as Hercules in Thor: Love and Thunder, has landed a role as himself in Harley Quinn’s upcoming Valentine’s Day special.

1 year ago