Supergirl Feels Way More Exciting Than Superman For The DCU

By Jacob VanGundy | Published


While Superman is the most iconic superhero of all time, it’s Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow that has me excited for the DCU. Supergirl has more creative space to experiment than her more famous cousin, with an undefined film legacy. The creatives behind the upcoming Supergirl movie are also much bigger risks, making them more exciting choices.

We’ve Had So Many Versions Of Superman

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My excitement for the upcoming Superman is tempered mostly by a lifetime of watching movies about the Man of Steel. I grew up with the Christopher Reeve movies of the ’70s and ’80s, then Superman Returns brought the character back in the 2000s, followed by the DCEU films in the 2010s. With eight movies, nine if you count the Snyder Cut as a separate film from Justice League, it’s hard to get excited about the DCU version of Superman after so many different takes on the character.

Supergirl Has More Room To Breathe

Supergirl, on the other hand, has had minimal big-screen presence. The only film to focus on Kara was the failed 1984 film Supergirl, and her only other significant appearance being in the 2023 movie The Flash in which she was a secondary character. This gives the DCU the freedom to characterize her however they want without concerns over repeated storylines or characterization that disappoints fans of past depictions.

Supergirl Doesn’t Need James Gunn

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Having James Gunn as the writer-director of Superman is also a double-edged sword for me. Gunn has established that he can make great comic book movies with The Suicide Squad and the Guardians of the Galaxy series, which makes another comic book movie from him feel like a safe bet. The downside is that I’ve already seen Gunn’s take on superheroes repeatedly, which makes it hard to get excited for his DCU films. 

An Intriguing Creative Team

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Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow has a much more interesting group of creatives behind the scenes. Ana Nogueira is mostly known as a TV actor, with roles on The Vampire Diaries and The Michael J. Fox Show, and the film will be her first writing credit, making her a true wildcard choice. While no director has been officially announced, the rumored pick of Craig Gillespi would be a similarly exciting choice as he’s never directed a superhero movie and has little straightforward action under his belt. 

Recruiting From The House Of The Dragon

One area where both films are taking big chances I’m excited about is the casting of their leads. Superman has cast relative newcomer David Corenswet as the lead, alongside more established actors like Rachel Brosnahan, Isabela Merced, and Nathan Fillion. The only casting we know about for Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow is rising star Milly Alcock as the lead, fresh off House of the Dragon making her a household name.

A Fresh Start

The DCU is meant to be a fresh start for the films inspired by DC comics, which will require big swings to win fans back after the disappointing end of the DCEU. Superman plays it too safe for my taste, rebooting a character with a storied film history under the established vision of James Gunn. I’m much more interested in Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow which will adapt a character with less baggage and looks like it will bring fresh voices to the genre.