Scarlett Johansson Relation To Another Marvel Star Revealed

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It is no secret that Scarlett Johansson and Marvel did not leave off on good terms following her role in Black Widow. However, try as she might, it seems Johansson just can’t get a clean break from her ties to Marvel. While she might have no interest in ever returning to the MCU, she still shares history with the MCU through a newly discovered familial bond.

Michael Douglas And Scarlett Johansson

On a recent episode of the PBS show Finding Your Roots, Michael Douglas was on and had his ancestry traced. He wound up learning that he is actually the DNA cousin of Scarlett Johansson!

Michael Douglas had a smaller role in the MCU, playing the character of Hank Pym in the Ant-Man movies.

However, unlike his newfound cousin Scarlett Johansson, Douglas has not voiced any major complaints about his work with the MCU. Fans are fascinated to learn of the connection, and Douglas shared in that amazement.

Michael Douglas Had No Idea

“Are you kidding?” Michael Douglas said upon learning of his connection to Scarlett Johansson.

“Oh, that’s amazing. All right. This is cool. This is so cool.” Douglas remarked that he was really looking forward to the next time he would get to see Johansson so he could talk to her about this discovery.

Identical DNA

Scarlett Johansson

Finding Your Roots genealogists examined the DNA of Michael Douglas and found he and Scarlett Johansson had identical DNA on four different chromosomes.

Evidently, the connection is through Johansson’s maternal side of the family, which can be traced back to Jewish people who lived in Eastern Europe.

Perhaps the next time the two do see each other, they can take the time to follow their DNA roots back as far as they can to see where along the line they became family.

Scarlett Johansson’s Disney Feud

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One thing they likely won’t be fondly reminiscing over is their shared history in the MCU.

Scarlett Johansson infamously left off with Marvel on bad terms following how the release of her final film for them, Black Widow, was handled. Johansson had negotiated that the movie would have a period of exclusivity in theaters to help ensure she would be eligible for box office bonuses if the movie did well.

However, Disney violated those terms when they simultaneously released the movie on Disney+, undercutting its ability to draw people to theaters. Scarlett did not take kindly to this breach of their terms and filed a lawsuit against Disney for which the latter supposedly settled for $40 million.

Finding Your Roots

Finding Your Roots has been airing since 2012 and shedding light on all kinds of family ties that people never knew existed. In previous episodes, there have been other celebrity revelations, such as uncovering that Julia Roberts and Edward Norton are genetic cousins as well.

So while Scarlett Johansson and Michael Douglas are not the first big celebrities to realize they are related, it is still always stunning to learn about such an important bond that two seemingly unconnected individuals share.

Family Plans?

Scarlett Johansson

It is unclear when Michael Douglas plans to have his conversation with Scarlett Johansson about their family history, but the next time they are on a red carpet at the same time, celebrity reporters will no doubt be curious to ask how that talk went and if they learned any other interesting details.

Source: PBS

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