We Don’t Need The DCU, We Need A DC Animated Feature Revolution

By Christopher Isaac | Published

dc animated

Ever since Warner Bros. started trying to copy the MCU, the results have been disastrous. And the entire time I’ve wondered why Warner Bros. has continued to try to challenge Marvel in an arena the latter is dominating, rather than tapping deeper into an area where they have Marvel beat? DC’s animated ventures do so much better that it is baffling Warner Bros has not put more resources into creating more animated movies rather than throwing it at the DCU.

Batman: The Animated Series

dc animated

Marvel’s animated productions are not terrible, but I think most people would agree DC is the standard bearer in that arena. Batman: The Animated Series is one of the most beloved superhero shows, period. I know I would definitely be interested in seeing a big budget animated Batman film.

Batman Beyond

Batman Beyond

Marvel has already proven that the market is there for animated features. Just look at how successful and popular the animated Spider-Verse movies have been. DC even already has a similar counterpart to Miles Morales in Batman Beyond’s Terry McGinnis.

The futuristic vibe of Batman Beyond would work so much better in an animated movie. Why not tap into that? DC’s animated success is right there to continue reaping, but instead we just go right back to more Superman in the DCU.

Teen Titans

There are so many other DC characters fans would love to see get a movie. How about a big budget movie continuing the original Teen Titans cartoon? The original show infamously ended on a pretty huge cliffhanger.

I know I’d certainly appreciate seeing DC give the animated series the send off it deserves. Teen Titans Go! already got a movie that did well financially, so you can’t tell me the far more popular original Teen Titans wouldn’t have fans showing up. It just feels like Warner Bros. wants to be Marvel so badly that they are ignoring their biggest assets.

No More Ezra Millers

the flash

Let’s face it, one of Warner Bros. biggest obstacles has been difficult actors bringing bad publicity to their movies. So many movies in the DCU have been hurt by this, but DC’s animated side wouldn’t have to worry about that.

It is a lot easier to sell a movie when you don’t have to put an actor recently embroiled in scandal on all of your movie posters. I am honestly surprised that alone has not made Warner Bros. more interested in giving DC’s animated side more of a chance.

Live-Action DCU Should Go On The Backburner

dc animated

I’m hoping the James Gunn version of Superman does well, but it is short-sighted of Warner Bros. to be so fixated on live action. After the disastrous results of the second Wonder Woman movie and the long-delayed Flash movie, does anyone really want more live action versions of those characters any time soon? You already gave the DCU a shot, Warner Bros., now give the DC animated productions their chance to shine.