Supergirl Finds The Perfect Director

By Britta DeVore | Published


DC and Warner Bros. Studios’ Supergirl is one step closer to taking flight as Craig Gillespie is in talks to helm the upcoming film. Known for his work behind titles including Cruella and I, Tonya, this would be the filmmaker’s first dip into superhero lore should the deal go through.

Gillespie is the second big name so far to come out attached to the title. House of the Dragon breakout star Milly Alcock was recently announced to be cast as the titular young hero.

The Supergirl Movie

While the story of Superman has had plenty of tellings over the years, from films starring Christopher Reeve to the more recent productions led by Henry Cavill, Supergirl hasn’t been a character that has been overly explored.

Hoping to get cameras up and running later this year after James Gunn’s Superman wraps, Gunn has previously teased what audiences can expect when the film arrives in theaters. 

Much Grittier And Tougher

From what the co-DC Studio head has said, we can expect Supergirl to be a much more gritty and tough film than the other Superman titles that have come before – at least by way of the character’s personality.

Gunn said that while Superman had it pretty easy – sent to Earth and kept safe by a pair of loving parents, the exact opposite can be said for Supergirl’s experience which included nothing but watching the constant death of loved ones for more than the first decade of her life.

Using descriptors like “hardcore,” Gunn said this wouldn’t be the Supergirl that fans have been “used to seeing”.

Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow

The film will draw its storyline from Tom King’s 2022 comic book series, Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, which he penned alongside Bilquis Evely’s illustrations. With Craig Gillespie serving as Supergirl’s director, he’ll be crafting the vision from an adaptation written by Ana Nogueira.

If you can’t wait a few years to see what Gunn and the rest of the team over at DC Studios have in store for the darker take on the young heroine, the comic is on shelves online and in stores now.

Craig Gillespie’s First Superhero Movie

emma stone cruella

As we mentioned at the top, Supergirl would mark Craig Gillespie’s first foray into comic book adaptations with the director previously leaning into dramas, comedies, and television.

He’s been known to frequently work with fellow Australian native Toni Collette on projects including her undersung TV series The United States of Tara as well as the 2011 horror-comedy Fright Night.

In addition to directing Cruella, other credits under the director’s belt include the Ryan Gosling-led Lars and the Real Girl, the Jon Hamm-fronted sports bio flick Million Dollar Arm, and, most recently, the biographical comedy-drama, Dumb Money.

Milly Alcock As Supergirl

Meanwhile, Supergirl’s leading lady has been climbing the ladder of success since her appearance as the young Rhaenyra Targaryen in the first season of HBO’s mega-hit series, House of the Dragon.

Milly Alcock‘s demand has spread like wildfire and, before she takes to the skies in her standalone film, it’s expected that she’ll join James Gunn’s star-studded cast in his upcoming film, Superman

No Supergirl Release Date

supergirl movie

As of right now, Supergirl hasn’t set a release date but stay tuned for more information surrounding casting, production, and more.

Source: Deadline