Jonathan Klotz is a writer and content creator, with nearly 20 years as a librarian. He’s currently a Deputy Editor for GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT.

  • Expertise: Table Top Gamer, Dungeon Master, Blogger, Cat Dad, Comics Nerd
  • Past Title: Librarian – Department Head
  • Current Title: Deputy Editor @ GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT

How It Started

One of Jonathan’s uncles shared with him X-Men comics from the early ’80s, starting a lifelong passion for superheroes. That same uncle introduced him to role-playing games with Dragon Warrior 3, creating a lifelong love for video games, reading, and writing.

The first gaming newsletter Jonathan wrote was in 1996 over America Online for his very first gaming club, The Society of Nus. With a membership of around 30 like-minded gamers, this turned out to be a sign of where he’d end up, but it took over 10 years to get there.

In 2009, Jonathan started writing news for TrueAchievements, helping the fast-growing gaming website to develop a News Bible, and putting in place policies and procedures that have stayed in place to this day. Soon after, Jonathan became the Community Manager for 360voice, another achievement-based website, with over 200,000 registered users and the home of many gaming contests.

When the PlayStation 4 came out, Jonathan switched to TrueTrophies, continuing to write gaming news, reviews, and opinion pieces. One of the original hosts of the TrueAchievements podcast, he’d also be a frequent guest on other podcasts related to achievements and gaming, while earning his Master’s in Library and Information Science.

In 2022, Jonathan left his job as a librarian to pursue writing full-time, working for GameRant and DualShockers as a news writer.

How It’s Going

Jonathan now works as a Deputy Editor for GIANT FREAKING ROBOT, continuing to live the dream of writing for a living. His co-workers include two cats, Poe and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, that frequently spend his entire shift curled up at his feet.

When not working, Jonathan continues to enjoy reading, keeping up with comics, still playing video games, and attending every wrestling event he can find between Warhammer weekends.

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