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10 Movies That Were Ahead Of Their Time

The Truman Show, A Clockwork Orange, and other great cinema masterpieces make up GFR’s list of the best movies ahead of their time.

9 months ago


5 Stargate Characters That Deserve Their Own Spin-Off

The Stargate characters that need spin-offs come from every show in the long-running franchise.

9 months ago

10 Best Medical Movies Of All Time

The best medical movies include Patch Adams, The Elephant Man, and Philadelphia.

9 months ago

Top 10 Epic Battles in Movie History

The greatest movie battle scenes include 300, Kingdom of Heaven, and Braveheart.

9 months ago

10 Best Movies About Mental Health And Mental Illness

The best mental health movies include Silver Linings Playbook, Shine, and The Soloist.

9 months ago

10 Most Disappointing Finales In Television History

The worst TV finales include The Sopranos, Dexter, and Seinfeld.

9 months ago

jason momoa

Fast X Review: Jason Momoa Tries Hard, But The Franchise Is Running Out Of Gas

Fast X is a disappointing movie with a fantastic villain but no great moments as the franchise is starting to falter.

9 months ago

star trek first contact

7 Coolest Star Trek Races From Every Series And Movie

We go through our picks for the coolest alien races in Star Trek.

9 months ago

10 Most Annoying Television Characters Of All-Time

The most annoying TV characters of all time include Sheldon Cooper, Joffrey Baratheon, and Cousin Oliver.

9 months ago

fast and furious

Fast And Furious: Every Movie Ranked

No matter the rank of each Fast and Furious movie, they are all fantastic films.

9 months ago

The Best Marvel Memes From Every Phase Of The Franchise

You’ve got to hand it to the MCU, not only have they been one of the most popular entities as …

9 months ago

spider-man variant

9 Best Spider-Man Variants In All Marvel History

We go through our picks for the top 9 Spider-Man variants.

9 months ago

high desert premiere

High Desert Series Premiere Review: A Formless, Aimless, Incoherent Comedy

While it’s a series full of wonderful talent, High Desert is sadly a comedy without laughs, packed with mysteries you won’t care about.

9 months ago

star trek captain

5 Best Star Trek Captains From Every Series And Movie 

These are the best captains Starfleet has ever seen.

9 months ago

The Best Bond Girls In The 007 Franchise

These are the best and hottest Bond girls in franchise history.

9 months ago

Best Star Wars Memes

Star Wars takes place in a galaxy far, far away and throughout the nine films that comprise the Skywalker Saga, …

10 months ago

star trek

10 Most Epic Car Chases In Movies

The best car chase movies include Baby Driver, Bullitt, and The Italian Job.

10 months ago

movie ending

7 Movie Endings That Were Completely Changed From The Original Script

These movies originally ended much differently than you remember.

10 months ago

sexiest Star Trek Starship

7 Actors Star Trek Has Never Hired, But Should

Here are our top 7 picks for actors that need to be introduced into the Star Trek franchise.

10 months ago

al pacino

9 Movies That Should Have Never Gotten A Sequel

These movies absolutely did not need a sequel.

10 months ago