Ultra Violent Lovecraftian Horror Will Keep You Up At Night For Weeks, Stream Without Netflix

By Robert Scucci | Updated

It’s been a long time since I’ve been truly disturbed by a monster movie, and I’ve got to give it to The Void for getting under my skin in ways I didn’t think were possible. Think of this movie as an updated creature feature with special effects that are so convincing that the terrifying tentacled creatures enhance the movie instead of detracting from it.

From its over-the-top violence to its occult overtones, The Void pushes so many boundaries that you’ll question the fabric of your reality upon its conclusion.

The Void Starts Like A Normal Thriller

The Void is set primarily in a mostly abandoned but still functional hospital, working with a skeleton crew after a fire wiped out most of the building. We’re introduced to Deputy Sheriff Daniel Carter (Aaron Poole), who encounters a drug addict named James (Evan Stern). James is spotted crawling on the side of the road after fleeing from a man named Vincent (Daniel Fathers) and his son, Simon (Mik Byskov).

Unexplained Acts Of Violence

Seeking help at the local hospital, Daniel checks James in to be evaluated, but everything falls apart in the most violent way possible. The hospital becomes surrounded by cult members wearing white hoods who are all brandishing knives that they’ve used before the events that occur on-screen in The Void.

Inside the hospital, unexplained acts of violence occur, starting with a nurse named Beverly cutting off her face before murdering one of her patients and getting shot dead by Daniel, who reacted appropriately in this context. The Void introduces State Trooper Mitchell (Art Hindle) to the mix, and we learn about what happened to James before fleeing Vincent and Simon’s farmhouse.

Darker And More Violent As It Goes

It’s revealed that a series of brutal murders occurred at the farmhouse, and Daniel has reason to believe that the robed figures have something to do with it. His suspicions are confirmed when Vincent and Simon enter the hospital after Beverly transforms into a tentacled creature that murders Mitchell.

Having every reason to be paranoid in The Void, Daniel reluctantly works with Vincent and Simon, who are looking for James.

Question Reality

There’s no way to fully explain the rest of The Void after its initial setup without spoiling its second and third acts, but I can assure you it’s a viscerally upsetting sequence event that won’t be mentally prepared for.

From David’s hallucinations to the startlingly realistic monsters wreaking havoc on the hospital, this movie is an absolute bloodbath that infects your mind while you’re watching it because the lines between reality and out-of-this-world terror are so expertly blurred. Nobody is safe in The Void because cloaked figures are ready to kill whoever steps outside, and what’s inside is no less harrowing.

The Void Shows The Monsters

The Void will make you question the existence of whatever deity you worship because it’s so well made. Transitions become increasingly jarring, and they’re further elevated by the total carnage that happens at the hands (or tentacles) of whatever evil forces are terrorizing the triage.

Unlike other monster movies, The Void must be praised for its willingness to show its creatures up-front in all their gloriously gory details. It’s easy to generate scares by obscuring the source of terror in creature features, and this is especially true when they’re mostly generated through practical special effects and makeup. But The Void does the unthinkable by putting them in the forefront for everybody to see.

Lovecraftian Horror Streaming For Free


The Void isn’t the kind of movie where you playfully nudge the person sitting next to you because you can see the zipper on the back of the monster’s costume. If anything, you will nudge the person sitting next to you so they can get out of your way because you might throw up, and you don’t want them sitting in your blast radius.

I can’t speak highly enough about the stylized violence in this film because I’m still processing what I watched.

If you get a sick thrill from an incomprehensible amount of over-the-top violence set in a claustrophobic setting, then I urge you to stop whatever you’re doing and stream The Void on Tubi right now. You’ll be glad there are ad breaks because you’ll need some time to gather your senses and pick yourself up off the floor after watching this one.