The Hazbin Hotel Spin-Off Better Than Original

By Nina Phillips | Published

Hazbin Hotel is a show released in early January 2024 based on a pilot on YouTube in 2019. However, the creator, Vivienne Medrano, known as “VivziePop,” also made a spin-off show called Helluva Boss. This series is a lot cruder and definitely has some issues, but it is more interesting, diverse, and fun to watch than the original. 

Helluva Boss Is A Helluva Spin-Off

Helluva Boss follows the story of Blitz, or Blitzo, as he runs an assassination business with his team of Moxxie, Millie, and Loona. They don’t always get along and have to handle some rather unpleasant situations to keep their business afloat, but they often manage to get the job done without too many problems. 

Hazbin Hotel tends to follow a more traditional story. Because the independent creator has a team to back her up, it’s easier to keep the story consistent and faster-paced and cater to the audience’s demands. 

Unique Animation And Wild Stories

In comparison, Helluva Boss is a little more independent. The story focuses on silly and simple humor and crude language to keep fans entertained. Overall, the pacing is a little varied, and some episodes definitely detract from the series and probably could have done with being cut from the release.

However, I think Helluva Boss has some great things going for it. The animation offers a unique character design that stands out from traditional animated shows. Additionally, the characters, though still many of them, have a lot more depth and unique traits. 

Well-Rounded Characters With Flaws

Yes, some of the characters are annoying, but that’s the point. They’re much more real and well-rounded, with flaws and annoying character traits. I resonate with Helluva Boss’ characters more than the original show because of their depth and good and bad traits.

Since it’s not forced into specific episode lengths or season lengths, the creator and her team have much more room to build up the world and the characters. Hazbin Hotel ended up having a lot of rushed scenes, which isn’t as much of a problem in Helluva Boss

Similar To Rick and Morty

Though there aren’t as many well-known actors and singers in Helluva Boss, they are still great and do their part in making the show stand out. Each song does well at blending into the scene and enhancing it rather than feeling forced or detracting from the story. 

Overall, if you’re a fan of sitcom-style shows or something with a similar feeling to Rick and Morty,  you’ll find yourself enjoying Helluva Boss. You might even enjoy it more than Hazbin Hotel, like I did.

An Independant Animated Hit

The reviews support this as well. On IMDb, Hazbin Hotel has a 7.8 out of 10, with over 23,000 reviews. Though Helluva Boss has fewer reviews, closer to 11,000, it has an 8.2 out of 10. 

Because this is a smaller production, the cast are all smaller names, but that doesn’t mean they do poorly. Each voice actor does a great job at making their characters consistent and realistic. There are some big voices in there that you might recognize. 

Available On YouTube


Blitzo is played by Brandon Rogers (Magic Funhouse!), Moxxie by Richard Steven Horvitz (Invader ZIM), Millie by Vivian Nixon (500 Days of Summer), Stolas by Bryce Pinkham (Mercy Street), and Loona is played by Erica Lindbeck (ThunderCats Roar). There are a few other voices throughout the show you may recognize as well. 

Since this show wasn’t picked up by a big company, Helluva Boss is available on YouTube. There are two seasons available to watch.