The Best Blockbuster Sci-Fi Action Smash Of The Year Heads Home

By Christopher Isaac | Published

Godzilla x Kong

The latest addition to the MonsterVerse, Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire, only came out in theaters at the end of March, but will soon be available to watch at home. The action-packed monster movie will be available digitally come May 14, however there is also good news for collectors of physical home media. The movie is also going to be released on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD on June 11!

Physical Releases Aren’t Always Guaranteed

godzilla and kong

Given the gradual fade out happening with physical media, it is no longer a given that a movie will be released even on the latest 4K format. Many major retailers, such as Best Buy, have already largely removed their movie sections in their stores. So for Godzilla fans who want to make sure they can watch their favorite monster in the best quality whenever they want, Godzilla x Kong getting a home release is great to hear.

A New Collection

Even better news for MonsterVerse fans, it is not just Godzilla x Kong getting this treatment. Also announced for this summer is a five film boxset collection of all the MonsterVerse films released so far in 4K UHD. The team behind the movies seems to be cognizant that with how heavily dependent their films are on visual effects, the quality you watch them in matters. While streaming is a great convenience, fans will no doubt want to see the spectacle of these movies in the most high quality media format available.

Physical Media Is Important

Film preservationists have also been more vocal of late about concerns that releasing movies exclusively on streaming could one day lead to a lot of current day media becoming unavailable to watch. If no streaming platform is carrying a movie that was only released digitally, it will be much more difficult to find legal means of viewing it. So the fact that a movie as new as Godzilla x Kong is not abandoning physical media provides hope that maybe other major movies will also continue to follow suit.

Special Features

godzilla x kong

Of course, another major advantage of physical media is that it typically comes bundled with extra features that allow viewers to gain extra insight into the making of the movie. That is true in the case of Godzilla x Kong as well, which will feature commentary from the crew behind the film, such as director Adam Wingard, editor Josh Schaeffer, visual effects supervisor Alessandro Ongaro, and production designer Tom Hammock. That will allow interested fans to glean a lot of knowledge about what went into making the movie’s story and visuals.

Still In Theaters

While Godzilla x Kong is still currently in theaters and likely will be for a while yet, soon fans will be able to enjoy the movie from the comfort of their homes in the same level of quality as in the theaters. In an era where even movies as high profile as Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower Moon did not get a physical release, fans are no doubt grateful when the big spectacle blockbusters still keep the home viewers in mind.