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The Studio Ghibli Movie On Streaming Every Anime Fan Must Watch

Studio Ghibli has gifted the world with numerous beautiful films over the years, and director/Ghibli co-founder Hayao Miyazaki has created …

4 months ago

Christopher Reeve Is Not The Best Superman

It’s generally accepted among both film lovers and DC Comics fans that Christopher Reeve was the best Superman actor to …

4 months ago

sexiest Star Trek Starship

The Sexiest Star Trek Starship In Starfleet

There are plenty of beautiful ships in Star Trek, but only one can hold the coveted title of “sexiest starship.” …

4 months ago

The Best Movies Streaming In Netflix’s Secret High Brow Horror Category

When it comes to streaming, Netflix pretty much has this whole thing solved with a little something for basically every …

4 months ago

Where To Start Watching X-Men? You Must Begin Here

The best entry point into the iconic X-Men franchise is the 2000 movie simply titled X-Men. It serves as the perfect …

4 months ago

Stephen King

Five Terrifying Stephen King Movies Streaming On Netflix

It’s time to Get ready for a spine-tingling journey as we explore the chilling corners of Stephen King’s imagination, brought …

4 months ago

Four Thrillers Streaming On Netflix That Are Scary Good

Get ready for a riveting lineup of suspense and supernatural intrigue on Netflix! psychological thrillers to supernatural horror the streaming …

4 months ago

The Funniest Star Trek Episodes Ever

There are many reasons Star Trek has endured for almost 60 years. Often cited for the series’ success are its …

4 months ago

strange new worlds finale

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2 Finale Review: A Near-Perfect Finale That Will Enrage You

STAR TREK: STRANGE NEW WORLDS SEASON 2 FINALE REVIEW SCORE The Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Season 2 finale, “Hegemony,” …

4 months ago

jason statham

The Jason Statham Action Move Franchise Now Streaming On Netflix

When the annals of action cinema are written, Jason Statham’s name will undoubtedly feature prominently. Regarded as one of the …

4 months ago

The 5 Best Gerard Butler Action Movies Streaming Right Now

Gerard Butler’s cinematic journey spans from gripping action spectacles like 300 to emotionally charged dramas. From the adrenaline-soaked battles of …

4 months ago

pedro pascal

Why The Mandalorian Would Be Better Without Pedro Pascal

Pedro Pascal is one of the hottest actors in Hollywood right now, and it’s mostly due to his starring as …

4 months ago

Sexiest Game Of Thrones Characters

There are a few things that we know for certain about the television series, Game of Thrones. The first is …

4 months ago

Why Anime And Hip-Hop Is A Powerful Combination

Anime spent decades out of the spotlight, enjoyed the world over, but outside of Japan, it was often difficult to …

4 months ago

Best Fighting Movies On Netflix With Female Leads

Let’s be honest here. The most classic mainstream fighting movies have men as the leads (even on Netflix). They are …

4 months ago

Best Isekai Anime That Will Make You Want To Travel To Another World

Within the world of anime, there are countless genres, from slice-of-life and romance to shonen, but one of the most …

4 months ago

star trek shaw

Star Trek Franchise’s Most Devastating Deaths 

The hit film Barbie recently featured its titular protagonist asking “do you guys ever think about dying,” and this is …

4 months ago

Best Horror Series On Netflix With Female Leads

When it comes to the horror genre, Netflix wasn’t always the place to go to get one’s fix. It wasn’t …

4 months ago

Adam Sandler’s Netflix Movies, Ranked

Throughout his lucrative career, Adam Sandler has been a polarizing actor, with some loving his brand of comedy, while others …

4 months ago

dirty dancing 2 header

The Most Influential Movie Scenes From Romance Movies

Great movie romances have swept audiences away since the dawn of cinema. Nothing quite captures a moviegoer’s heart like an …

4 months ago

matt smith

Matt Smith Is The Best Doctor In Doctor Who, Here’s Why

One of the wildest conceits behind Doctor Who is that, thanks to the strange physiology of his alien body, The …

4 months ago

independence day aliens ufo area 51

The Scariest UFO Movies Ever Made

UFO movies have always held a certain fascination with audiences. They not only ask the question “Are we alone?” but …

4 months ago

The Most Confusing Movies Ever Made

Escapism is the name of the game when going to the movies. Getting away from it all for a couple …

4 months ago

christopher nolan

Oppenheimer Isn’t Christopher Nolan’s Best Movie, It’s This Mind-Bender

Many viewers and fans of Nolan’s work are hailing the recently released Oppenheimer, starring Cillian Murphy, as one of his …

4 months ago

mad men

Mad Men Spinoff Ideas We’d Like To See 

One of the more amusing ironies of the entertainment industry is that it’s always the shows which don’t really deserve …

4 months ago

Best Movies Where Aliens Crash-Land In People’s Yards

Aliens have come to Earth in many movies. Sometimes they invade us, sometimes they warn us, and other times, they crash …

4 months ago

rise of the teenage mutant ninja turtles

Every Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Series, Ranked

With a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie out, nostalgia for this pop culture powerhouse franchise is hotter than ever, …

4 months ago

chronicles of narnia

Fantasy Movies That Would Make Great Musicals

It used to be that if a play or musical on Broadway or the West End were deemed exceptionally good …

4 months ago

Creepiest NCIS Villains We’ll Never Forget

Over the duration of NCIS and its three spinoffs, the teams have been dealt some pretty serious and tough foes. …

4 months ago

aaron paul breaking bad addiction

The Best TV Shows About Addiction And Recovery

Make no mistake about it, while there are tons of crud being shown on television these days, it still can …

4 months ago