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5 Most Disturbing Sci-Fi Movies You Should Watch Alone

We count down the five most disturbing sci-fi movies you must watch alone, at night, and in a dark room.

1 month ago

parallel universe movies

5 Must-See Parallel Universe Movies

We go over the five best movies about parallel universes that we know about… in this reality.

1 month ago

mandalorian finale

The Mandalorian Season 3 Finale Review: Classic Star Wars Finish That’s Both Too Much And Not Enough

The Mandalorian Season 3 finale delivers some glorious action, but with a story that seems crammed to fit with a lot forgotten.

1 month ago

The Most Mind-Bending Sci-Fi TV Shows To Stream Now

Westworld, Black Mirror, and The Expanse top the charts for the most mind-bending sci-fi TV shows currently streaming.

1 month ago

zombie virus

6 Hilarious Times Actors Played Themselves In Movies

Six times that actors went so meta they played themselves.

1 month ago

tobey maguire spider-man 4

Tom Holland Might Be The Best Spider-Man, But Tobey Maguire Was A Much Better Peter Parker

Of all three live-action Spider-Man actors, Tobey Maguire played the version of Peter Parker who remains the most relatable.

1 month ago

10 Best Political Thriller Movies of All Time

The best political thrillers include All the President’s Men, Argo, and No Way Out.

1 month ago

Top 5 Sci-Fi TV Shows That Got Cancelled Too Soon

The best sci-fi shows cancelled too soon include Dollhouse and Almost Human.

1 month ago

10 Best Non-Human Characters In Movies

The best non-human characters in movies include Jaws, Gizmo, E.T., and HAL 9000.

1 month ago

6 Animated Movies That Definitely Aren’t For Kids

Animated movies that aren’t for kids include Akira, Grave of the Fireflies, and Heavy Metal.

1 month ago

keanu reeves

Top 7 Cyberpunk Movies That Predicted the Future

We go through the top 7 cyberpunk movies of all time.

1 month ago


Foundation’s Single Best Idea Isn’t In Isaac Asimov’s Books At All

The idea of a cloned series of Emperors is original to the Foundation TV series, but adds needed humanity and depth.

1 month ago

The 10 Best Crime Movies of All Time, Ranked In Order

What all crime movies have in common is a fantastic story sure to get you glued to the screen.

1 month ago

willow sequel series

The 80s Was The Best Decade For Fantasy Films And It’s Not Close

The 80s was the best time for fantasy films and movies like The Princess Bride, Legend, and The NeverEnding Story prove it.

1 month ago

mad max fury road

10 Best Action-Adventure Movies That Still Hold Up

Of all the great action-adventure movies that have ever been made, these are the ten that hold up best, ranked in order from best to tenth best.

1 month ago

mara jade series star wars feature

Mara Jade Is The Best Star Wars Character And She’s Impossible To Use

Mara Jade’s story is too entangled with the young Luke Skywalker to be portrayed without recasting the franchise’s most important character.

1 month ago

the handmaid's tale

The 5 Best Apocalyptic TV Shows to Stream Now

The Handmaid’s Tale, Black Mirror, and The 100 top the charts for some of the best post-apocalyptic TV shows currently available to stream.

1 month ago

star trek holodeck

Star Trek’s Least Convincing Tech Is The Holodeck, But Not For The Reason You Think

The most unbelievable thing about Star Trek’s holodecks isn’t the seemingly impossible technological accomplishments necessary to make them real, but the fact that there aren’t many more characters addicted to the things.

1 month ago

The 10 Best Classic Movies That Everyone Should See At Least Once

The top classic movies that everyone should see once include Casablanca, Citizen Kane, Gone with the Wind, and more

1 month ago

Top 10 Romantic Movies That Will Make You Believe in Love Again

The top 10 most romantic movies include Princess Bride, Casablanca, When Harry Met Sally, and Titanic.

1 month ago

10 Best Movie Villains of All Time Ranked

Darth Vader, Agent Smith, and Annie Wilkes top the charts as some of the best movie villains of all time.

1 month ago

michael bay

Michael Bay Rescued By Ambulance

Michael Bay’s career has been granted second life thanks to Ambulance.

1 month ago

Netflix Is Making A Mistake Putting Narnia Up Against Game Of Thrones

Netflix has the rights to adapt The Chronicles of Narnia for the screen, but need to avoid the obvious route of going grim and gritty.

1 month ago

netflix lord of the rings

Tolkien Was A Terrible Writer, So How Did His Books Become So Famous?

Tolkien was a terrible writer, but his talent and dedication to world-building made up for it.

1 month ago

harry potter

The Harry Potter And Lord Of The Rings Reboots Are Great News Because They Will Fail

The Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings reboots are overall good news, because they will help hasten franchise fatigue.

1 month ago

hollywood diversity movies in 2022

Hollywood Keeps Making The Same Boring Movie About Hollywood

Hollywood is obsessed with making movies about how hard it is to work in the movie industry, which is only of interest to itself.

1 month ago

10 Marvel Heroes Who Would Make Great Star Trek Captains

We took a look the 10 best choices from the Marvel Cinematic Universe for heroes who would make great Star Trek captains.

1 month ago

star wars

Will Solo: A Star Wars Story Ever Get A Sequel?

While fans have been calling for a sequel to Solo: A Star Wars Story, it is unlikely that one will ever be made.

1 month ago

barry season premiere

Barry Season 4 Premiere Review: No Prison Can Be Worse Than Just Being Barry

The Barry season 4 premiere is more of a harrowing tone poem than comedy, but a wonderful spotlight on Bill Hader.

1 month ago

rings of power season 2

Tom Bombadil Needs To Be In The Warner Bros. Lord Of The Rings RemakeĀ 

Tom Bombadil is one of J.R.R. Tolkien’s most mysterious and fascinating characters, which is why he should be in the Warner Bros. Lord of the Rings remake.

1 month ago