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kelsey grammer frasier

Frasier Reboot Almost Here, But This Is The Sitcom That Needs A Revival

It’s time to address the elephant in the room and recognize that Tim Allen has had a desire to reboot …

5 months ago

The Best Stargate SG-1 Episodes Ranked

Stargate SG-1 ran for 10 seasons and spawned two spin-off series, making it one of the most successful sci-fi series …

5 months ago

The Most Iconic Duos In TV History

Whether great friendships between lifelong pals or contentious partnerships characterized by friction as much as affection, the history of Television …

5 months ago

monty python netflix

The Best Medieval Movies Of All Time

Medieval movies bring adventure and excitement to our lives. Knights wearing their strong armored suits charge with fervor atop their …

5 months ago

Luke Skywalker Never Defeated Darth Vader, The Secret Truth Of Star Wars

The climax of the original Star Wars trilogy, and perhaps the most important moment in all of pop culture, happens …

5 months ago

doctor who

Doctor Who Episodes You Need To Watch Before The Anniversary Specials

Unless you’ve been trapped in a TARDIS for the last year, you know that we have a Doctor Who 60th …

5 months ago

gen v season 2

Gen V Series Premiere Review: A Brilliant Update To Marvel’s Best Concept

GEN V SERIES PREMIERE REVIEW SCORE How do you make the concept of Marvel’s X-Men new again? You do the …

5 months ago

nicolas cage

The Horror Movie On Streaming That Needs A Sequel More Than Saw

Every couple of years, a new Saw movie comes out, and it’s safe to say that the ultra-violent franchise is …

5 months ago

star trek star wars

Star Trek’s Heroes Would Hate Star Wars Jedi, Here’s Why

As much as fans of Star Trek and Star Wars may like to debate and poke fun at each others’ …

5 months ago

The Most Iconic Needle Drops In Cinema History

The perfect song in a movie can turn a good scene into a great scene and a great scene into …

5 months ago

Casting The Live-Action Rick And Morty

A live-action Rick and Morty movie may not actually be in the works, but there have certainly been a lot …

5 months ago

tom hiddleston loki season 2

Classic Sci-Fi Series Deserves A Multiverse Revival More Than Loki 

Thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe shows such as Loki, everybody and their grandmother knows what a multiverse is. And …

5 months ago

evil wesley crusher

Star Trek Was Almost Ruined By This Wil Wheaton Line

Star Trek fans have been copying Captain Picard’s infamous line “shut up, Wesley” as a way of yelling at Wil …

5 months ago

mad max fury road

Mad Max Movies: The Post-Apocalyptic Blockbusters From Worst To Best

Before series like HBO‘s The Last of Us and films like Doomsday had us traveling through the wasteland with an …

5 months ago

star trek away mission

Star Trek’s Bloodiest Away Missions

Star Trek’s away missions are often recipes for disaster, the common trope from The Original Series being that the officers …

5 months ago

The Most Terrifying Stephen King Characters, Ranked

Stephen King is synonymous with horror fiction–and for good reason. The maestro’s prolific storytelling and penchant for penning bone-chilling characters …

5 months ago


The Smartest Marvel Characters, Ranked

Superheroes are best known for their brawn, but they could never do what they do without the brains behind it. …

5 months ago

Saw X Needs To Beat This Entry To Be The Best In The Series

The Saw series, launched in 2004 with the micro-budget movie thriller Saw, has grown into a highly prolific and beloved …

5 months ago

The One Change We Want Netflix’s One Piece to Make In Season 2

When Netflix adapted One Piece as a live-action series, changes from the long-running anime had to be made. The recently …

5 months ago

king's man poster

James Bond Deserves A Prequel More Than Kingsman

Now that Kingsman: The Secret Service has gotten a prequel, we can’t help but feel a little disappointed: The King’s …

5 months ago


The Continental Series Premiere Review: Don’t Expect John Wick, And That’s A Good Thing

THE CONTINENTAL SERIES PREMIERE REVIEW SCORE My impression is that you can blame the glaring green Rotten Tomatoes splat you’re …

5 months ago

loki season 2

Loki Season 2 Needs To Have These Marvel Characters

Fans have much to look forward to as the God of Mischief returns to Disney+ in Loki Season 2. Tom Hiddleston reprises …

5 months ago

star trek gorn

Captain Kirk’s Best Battles In Star Trek

Ever since Star Trek: The Original Series, Captain Kirk has been known for the iconic (and often hammy) way that …

5 months ago

Loki Thor

Loki Series Has Been Starring Thor The Entire Time?

Just like all of you nerds, I have my share of fan theories. As Giant Freakin Robot‘s Opinion Editor, I …

5 months ago

The Netflix Harry Potter Movie That Deserves A Franchise

The 2022 fantasy film The School for Good and Evil is currently streaming on Netflix. Directed by Paul Feig, the story is …

5 months ago

The One Thing Every Anime Needs To Stop Doing Right Now

The longer you watch anime, the more you begin to notice certain tropes ranging from the adorable (pure-hearted characters who …

5 months ago


The Marvels Needs To Give Us These Surprise Appearances

It won’t be long until The Marvels, the MCU’s next big blockbuster, hits theaters. While the MCU’s previous effort, Guardians …

5 months ago


The Best X-Men Movie Has Huge Plot Holes

Not counting 2017’s Logan — which, for the purposes of this op-ed, I’m counting as a Wolverine film rather than …

5 months ago

john wick 5

This Is The John Wick Killer Who Really Deserves A Prequel

There’s plenty of excitement among the John Wick fandom with The Continental, a serialized telling of the early stories of …

5 months ago

freddie prinze jr.

Freddie Prinze Jr.’s Famous Star Wars Rant: Was He Right?

As most Star Wars fans know, Freddie Prinze Jr., who played Kanan Jarrus on Star Wars: Rebels for four seasons, …

5 months ago