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highlander Christopher Lambert

If Highlander Continues, There’s Only One Way To Do It

Not too long ago, I argued that the Highlander franchise should never have gone beyond the original 1986 movie starring …

4 months ago

nicolas cage star trek

Casting Nicolas Cage In Star Trek

Earlier this year, Nicolas Cage revealed he’d turned down a role in Disney+’s The Mandalorian because Star Trek, not Star …

4 months ago

The Best Anime Based On Video Games

Video games and anime have been closely entwined for decades, to the point that it feels like almost every game …

4 months ago

Why Very Short Treks Is The Worst Thing To Ever Happen To The Franchise

Paramount has been attempting to lure new audiences into the Star Trek fandom, and a big part of that has …

4 months ago


Marvel Made Its Biggest Mistake In Avengers: Endgame

No, the big mistake in 2019’s Avengers: Endgame isn’t any of the superhero deaths or the oft-whined about all-female hero …

4 months ago

star trek

Star Trek Episodes Based On Non-Trek Movies

Space may be a void, but Paramount‘s Star Trek isn’t made in one. Every piece of art is inspired by …

4 months ago

Taika Waititi rita ora

Taika Waititi Needs To Make This Comedy-Horror He Promised Us Already

I don’t care if Taika Waititi’s Star Wars movie ever goes into production, it wouldn’t bother me if he never …

4 months ago

lord of the rings

The Lord Of The Rings Ignores Its Best Asset

They may be parts of different genres, but one thing The Lord of the Rings has in common with more …

4 months ago

The Best Horror Anime To Binge For Halloween

Anime is amazing because it’s a catch-all term for animation out of Japan, which can be anything, from the classic …

4 months ago

The Marvels Better Not Ignore Everything That Made One Of Its Characters Great

When The Marvels hits theaters in slightly over two weeks, it will be the culmination of three movies and two …

4 months ago

gen v

Gen V Proves Why Sometimes Shock Value Is Lame

In the latest episode of Amazon‘s Gen V, “Jumanji,” the series kills off the minor character Dusty who was introduced …

4 months ago

amazon fallout

Amazon’s Fallout Series: 4 Things It Needs, 2 Things To Cut

Amazon finally let fans know when to expect the Fallout TV series to premiere: as reported by Deadline, the show …

4 months ago

Loki’s Renslayer Identity Has Been Hiding In Plain Sight?

Three episodes deep, Loki is proving to be just as mysteriously convoluted as ever. In episode 3, titled “1893,” we …

4 months ago


Thanos’ Most Powerful Marvel Enemy Was An Infinity Stone

Long before any of Marvel‘s Avengers were actively working against Thanos, the Mad Titan had one very powerful enemy: the …

4 months ago

The Lord Of The Rings Biggest Mistake Was Cutting So Much Of One Character

Of all the nine members of the Fellowship of the Ring, the one who endured the worst changes and the …

4 months ago

the office

The Office Discrepancy Could Mean Meredith Needed More Help Than We Realized

Sometimes I can’t turn off the nerd, and a perfect example of this is the only discrepancy in the beloved …

4 months ago

starfleet academy

Starfleet Academy Being A Star Trek: Discovery Spinoff Is Great

Paramount has been trying to make live-action Starfleet Academy happen since the early 90s when fans came dangerously close to …

4 months ago

The Best Sci-Fi Movie Of The ’80s Is Still A Knockout

RoboCop, currently streaming on MGM+, is certainly one of the greatest sci-fi movies of the ’80s and is worth a …

4 months ago

beckett mariner star trek header

Beckett Mariner Is Secretly The Most Realistic Starfleet Officer

If you’ve been watching Star Trek: Lower Decks (wait, you haven’t? Go stream it on Paramount Plus like right now), …

4 months ago

Star Wars Has Ruined Grand Admiral Thrawn

Getting to see Grand Admiral Thrawn in live-action on Ahsoka was a real treat for Star Wars fans, especially those …

4 months ago

The Worst Batman Of All Time Was Jim Gordon

There’s been a few different characters under the cowl of Batman over the decades, from Dick Grayson (Nightwing) and Jean-Paul …

4 months ago

star trek aliens

Star Trek Needs More Of This, And It Needs It Now

Star Trek needs more aliens. Specifically, it needs more alien heroes. In its current crop of live-action series, the only …

4 months ago

scavengers reign

Scavengers Reign Series Premiere Review: Terrifying, Beautiful, And Impossible To Turn Away From

SCAVENGERS REIGN SERIES PREMIERE REVIEW SCORE The animated sci-fi series Scavengers Reign released its first three episodes on Max this …

4 months ago

miller's crossing

The Coen Brothers’ Gangster Drama Is Really A Love Story

Of all of the Coen brothers’ body of work, I have always been most fascinated by one of the earliest …

4 months ago

doctor who

David Tennant Is Overrated In Doctor Who

Doctor Who is about the celebrate its 60th anniversary, and the BBC is doing the franchise celebration right with a …

4 months ago

My Hero Academia Is Doomed To End With The Quirk Singularity And No Hero Can Stop It

In the world of My Hero Academia, most of the planet’s population are born with Quirks, special abilities that grant …

4 months ago

star trek q

How Q Accidentally Saved the Federation From the Borg

Even though they are arguably a bit played out these days, the Borg still serve as the scariest Big Bads …

4 months ago

doctor who blink

Doctor Who Fans Need To Stop Doing One Thing

One of the few nerd corners of pop culture my tastes prove frustratingly resistant to is the one inhabiting BBC‘s …

4 months ago

Angel Season 4 Is Not As Bad As You Remember

I’ve rewatched the Buffy spinoff, Angel, in its entirety more times than I can remember. Out of all the takes on …

4 months ago

star trek cave

In Honor Of Lower Decks, Here’s The Best Star Trek Caves Episodes

This week’s Paramount+ episode of Star Trek: Lower Decks, “Caves,” pokes some well-earned fun at the trope of Trek episodes …

4 months ago