Insanely Violent Horror Comedy Turns Office Politics Into Zombie Warfare, Stream Without Netflix

By Robert Scucci | Updated

The five worst years of my adult life were spent working in a cubicle at a call center with no windows. To make matters worse, my commute was 90 minutes each way, even though I only had to travel 24 miles, and I had to wear a tie every day, even though I just sat in front of a computer and crunched numbers with little to no human interaction.

That is all to say that whenever I see a movie like Office Uprising, I get giddy because the idea of torching an office building overrun by zombified coworkers is the ultimate form of wish fulfillment and escapism, far superior to any form of occupational therapy the real world has to offer.To say that Office Uprising is over-the-top would be a gross understatement because this movie makes other over-the-top movies seem tame.

A Bloody Good Time

Office Uprising centers on Desmond (Brenton Thwaite), an aspiring video game developer who slacks at his day job, never shows up on time, and takes frequent smoke breaks in the supply closet. He’s attracted to Samantha (Jane Levy), whom he’s known for years but never has the courage to approach with romantic intent. Working alongside Desmond is Mourad (Deadpool’s Karan Soni), who’s often the butt of racist jokes that are dished out by their boss, Adam Nusbaum (Zachary Levi).

Perfect For Office Drones

Ammotech, the company that they work for in Office Uprising, specializes in weapons manufacturing, as well as the creation of mind-altering substances that are meant to assist in modern warfare. One of the company’s flagship consumable goods is Agent Orange Soda, which is exactly what it sounds like. But when a new energy drink called Zolt gets distributed by the R&D department, everybody who drinks it turns into a crazed zombie who surprisingly still follows company protocol after their transformation.

Everyone Has Fantasized About A Zombie Outbreak At Work

If there’s one takeaway from Office Uprising that you should seriously consider, it’s the fact that Desmond showing up late is kind of what saves the day. Having not consumed any Zolt himself because he wasn’t present when it was distributed to the staff, Desmond sneaks into work, not realizing that the entire building is an absolute zombie war zone. Instead of the usual bickering you’d see between the accounting and advertising departments, everybody is just killing each other, and HR is powerless to do anything about it.

Take The Fight To The C-Suite

The dream team is assembled in Office Uprising when Desmond, Mourad, and Samantha join forces and realize what’s going on. Knowing that they have to make it to the top floor to confront the executives, the trio must fight their way through hordes of business casual G-men who still think they’re working despite being mid-rampage. Arming themselves with whatever blunt objects they can find, they must escape the Ammotech compound to live to see another day.

Blending Of Office Politics And Violence

The blending of office politics and extreme violence makes Office Uprising a fantastic satire. If you’ve ever worked a soul-crushing office job for any amount of time, you really won’t have to suspend much disbelief when you find out that paperwork still has to be evaluated and signed off, even when your boss is stomping through the warehouse while wearing a mech suit because he’s trying to murder you for taking too many bathroom breaks.

Stream The Love Child Of Office Space And Shaun Of The Dead


Office Uprising is a perfect workplace horror comedy with surprisingly great production values during its action sequences. This movie has sharp humor and breakneck pacing and convincingly uses office politics to drive its storytelling in a way that I’ve never seen before. If Office Space and Shaun of the Dead decided to hook up, Office Uprising would be their love child.

The next time you have a case of the workplace blues, it comes with strong recommendations that you fire up Tubi and give Office Uprising a go.