The X-Men Member Too Gross For Marvel

By Zack Zagranis | Published

There’s currently a lot of hype surrounding the X-Men. Between X-Men ’97 and the team’s inevitable introduction to the MCU, it’s never been a better time to be a mutant! Unless, of course, you’re Maggot, the one mutant so disgusting Marvel will never put him in a movie or on TV.

The X-Men’s Maggot

Maggot—just typing that word nauseates us—is a mutant named Japheth from South Africa with no human digestive system. Not only can he not digest anything, he can’t eat anything either. Both actions are done instead by two large slug-like creatures, Eany and Meany that live in his abdomen.

When Maggot requires sustenance the Marvel hero will send the slugs outside his body to feast. The creatures can eat through pretty much any type of matter imaginable, making them good in a fight. When the sentient larva have had their fill, they retreat back into Maggot’s abdomen and transfer their energy to their host.

Only In X-Men For A Short Time

This not only keeps Maggot alive but grants him temporary strength and durability as well as turning his skin blue…because, comics.

The vomit-inducing superhero was only a member of the X-Men for a short while, but it was enough for his disgusting name and gimmick to be burned into the brains of comic book fans everywhere.

Believe it or not, Maggot earned his place among Marvel’s X-Men when one of his slugs ate a bomb that was about to explode. Maggot happened to be at the X-Mansion at the exact time Cyclops was undergoing surgery to remove a live bomb from his chest. The bomb was removed successfully but was unable to be disarmed, resulting in Maggot having one of his slugs swallow it.

Time Cut Short

maggot marvel

Like a Looney Tune, the slug emitted a fiery burp but was otherwise unharmed by the bomb. After that he was invited to join the team full time.

His time in the major leagues would be cut short, however, when fellow X-Men member Beast suggested he transfer to the much less popular team Generation X.

Maggot is easily one of the grossest superheroes to appear in a Marvel comic. Indeed, if you saw the blue-skinned Japheth carrying two enormous maggot-like creatures—each one with several glowing red eyes—your first thought would probably not be, “Oh boy a good guy!” We know judging a book by its cover is generally frowned upon, but there are definitely exceptions.

Died And Resurrected

maggot marvel

For instance, if you come across a book with two giant slugs that crawl out of it, eat, and then crawl back into it, no one’s going to call you a bad person for running away while screaming in terror.

Maggot has died and (unfortunately) been resurrected several times in true Marvel fashion. One of those times it was discovered that one of the original Maggot’s slugs, Eany, had survived meaning there were technically three of the nasty buggers crawling around. This rogue slug grew to Kaiju’s size and went on a murder spree in Brazil.

Attacked The X-Men

maggot marvel

Eventually the giant slug found and attacked the X-Men. The team put up a good fight but couldn’t defeat Eany until it ate Maggot and subsequently exploded. Yeah, we know how it sounds, but no, we’re not making any of this up.

Not Made For A Movie

maggot marvel

As you can probably tell from reading this, there is zero chance that Disney will ever put Maggot in a Marvel movie—not unless the company wants its box office to tank even more.

We haven’t conducted a formal poll or anything, but we’re pretty sure that moviegoers don’t enjoy throwing up at the movies—that popcorn just doesn’t taste as good coming back up—and that’s exactly what would happen if a blue guy with giant maggots in his stomach suddenly popped up to give Wolverine a hand.

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