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Marvel Doesn’t Need To Recast All Of Fox’s X-Men

Regardless of what other X-Men are recast as mutants come to the MCU, Marvel should consider keeping the cast of 2020’s The New Mutants intact.

2 weeks ago

chris tucker

6 Sci-Fi Movies That Would Be Awesome As Musicals

We go through our top six choices for movies that would make great musicals.

2 weeks ago

The 10 Best Movie Casts Ever Assembled

There is a lot to consider when trying to determine the best movie cast ever. A film can have a stellar cast, but the movie may end up being a ho-hum watch or even a complete waste of time. Take, for instance, the 1979 film Caligula. This is a film that boasted screen legends such …

2 weeks ago


7 Best Anti-Heroes In Television You Loved To Hate

These anti-heroes helped define modern television.

2 weeks ago

The 8 Best Biographical Movies Based On Real-Life Icons

These are the best biopics of real-life figures.

2 weeks ago

daniel radcliffe harry potter reboot

Every Weird Character Daniel Radcliffe Played After Harry Potter

Daniel Radcliffe has played a lot of weird characters in his time.

2 weeks ago

Ayo Edebiri Thunderbolts

Marvel’s Future Depends On The Thunderbolts And That’s A Mistake

Thunderbolts is Marvel’s next big team-up, but it’s being set up to fail by the sheer weight of the MCU.

2 weeks ago


5 TV Shows That Were So Bad, They Were Good

Bad TV shows that are fun to watch for the wrong reasons include Tiger King and Keeping up with the Kardashians.

2 weeks ago

bryan cranston breaking bad

The 5 Best TV Monologues Of All Time

The best tv monologues come from House of Cards, The Office, and Breaking Bad.

2 weeks ago

The 10 Most Hilarious Horror Movies

The most hilarious horror movies include Slither, Army of Darkness, and American Psycho.

2 weeks ago

10 Movies That Wanted To Launch Franchises But Were Rejected by Audiences

Movie franchises that never happened after the first film bombed include Spwan, The Golden Compass, and The Mummy.

2 weeks ago

The Mother Review: Jennifer Lopez Becomes An Action Star In This Predictable Thriller

Jennifer Lopez stars in The Mother on Netflix, a film with great moments that don’t add up to a satisfying whole.

3 weeks ago

star trek doctor

5 Best Star Trek Doctors From Every Series And Movie

We countdown our choices for the five best doctors in the history of Star Trek

3 weeks ago


Sliders Is A Lost Classic And It Deserves A Reboot 

Sliders had a lot of wasted potential that needs to be finally realized in a reboot.

3 weeks ago

sesame street

The Best TV Shows To Watch With Your Kids That Won’t Drive You Crazy

If you want to watch shows with your kids without completely losing it, try out these nine shows!

3 weeks ago

10 Of The Most Iconic TV Quotes Of All Time

Here are our picks for the 10 most iconic TV quotes to ever air or stream!

3 weeks ago

The Best TV Shows To Watch While Working Out

If you’re looking for some engaging television series to keep you motivated during your workout, we have you covered. Whether you’re a fan of intense competition or mouthwatering culinary showdowns, shows like Survivor and Hell’s Kitchen offer the perfect combination of entertainment and inspiration, making them the ideal companions for your fitness journey. The following …

3 weeks ago

The 10 Best 90s Westerns You Need To See

For years, it was well-known around Hollywood that the Western movie was dead. Ambushed, never (or rarely) to ever be seen again. Then in 1985, something curious happened. Clint Eastwood directed and starred in Pale Rider. Suddenly, the Western rose like a Phoenix, galloping its way into the ‘90s, turning what was once a shunned …

3 weeks ago

Twilight Eclipse Proposal

10 Times Actors Fell In Love On Set And Got Together In Real Life

Couples that met on movie sets include Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, Kit Harington and Rose Leslie, and Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes.

3 weeks ago

lord of the rings

Best Movie Trilogies Of All-Time

When putting together a list of the best movie trilogies of all time, the first thing that we needed to come to a consensus on is – what’s a true trilogy? There are franchises, such as Toy Story that had three remarkable films in it, but then added a fourth (with a fifth on the …

3 weeks ago

The 8 Best Movies About Friendship

The best friendship movies include The Sandlot, Good Will Hunting, and A Bronx Tale.

3 weeks ago

10 Most Disappointing Endings In Movie History

Movie endings, they can make or break a film. They can wrap things up in a neat bow, helping make sense of everything we had witnessed before said ending, or they could throw in a twist or two that leave you scratching your head and pissed that you just wasted two hours of your life. …

3 weeks ago

stephen amell the flash

DC’s Arrowverse Deserved Better Than To Be Cast Aside

There’s a Flash movie coming into theaters next month, and initial impressions are that it will be a good movie, despite the problematic star. The worst part of the film, though, is how it’s tossing aside years of amazing character work by Grant Gustin on The CW’s The Flash, and now with the Arrowverse coming …

3 weeks ago

1980s movie

5 Classic Movies That Would Be Terrible If They Were Made Today

To many, it seems like Hollywood is running out of ideas. We see remakes here, re-imaginings there, and live-action retreads of classic animated films, and for the most part, they pale in comparison to the originals. A classic movie remake is a tough pill for many to swallow and to prove that point, we have …

3 weeks ago

jack nicholson

5 Iconic Movie Scenes That Were Totally Improvised

Improvised movie scenes come from Casablanca, The Shining, and Jaws.

3 weeks ago

mads mikkselsen

8 Awkward Times Actors Were Recast In Television Or Movie Franchises

We remember eight of the most awkward recasts in the history of screen entertainment.

3 weeks ago

The 10 Most Beautifully Shot Movies Of All Time

The Tree of Life, Apocolypse Now, and The Grand Budapest Hotel top the charts for some of the most beautifully shot movies ever.

3 weeks ago

10 Best Movie Dance Scenes Of All Time

These are the most iconic dance scenes from cinema history.

3 weeks ago

10 Movies That Are So Bad They Are Actually Good

In a way, bad movies are sometimes more entertaining than films that are critically acclaimed. But beauty is most certainly in the eye of the beholder. Sometimes you just want to sit back, and watch disaster unfold on your TV set as you get sucked into convoluted plot lines, cheesy special effects, and laughably bad …

3 weeks ago

clive owen

Clive Owen’s Best Movie is Children of Men, According To Us

For Clive Owen’s best cinematic achievement, we choose Children of Men.

3 weeks ago