Marvel Makes Worst Possible Choice With Kang After Jonathan Majors

By Zack Zagranis | Published

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It looks like He Who Remains will continue to remain. Reports from people close to Marvel Studios say the MCU plans to retain Kang the Conqueror as their next big bad despite Jonathon Majors being ousted from the role. Our advice? Marvel needs to take after Mean Girls and stop trying to make Kang happen.

Kang Never Made Sense

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These same anonymous sources claim that Marvel is taking their time recasting Kang and that fans shouldn’t expect any announcements about Majors’s replacement anytime soon. Also unknown is who—if anyone—Disney is currently pursuing the role. In our opinion, if it isn’t anyone 30 feet or taller, they shouldn’t even bother.

Galactus, Eater Of Worlds

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Now that Disney owns Fox and all of the Marvel properties Fox had under their control, there’s no reason not to break out the big gun: Galactus.

No offense to Marvel, but Kang the Conqueror is kind of underwhelming. There’s a bunch of versions of this guy from multiple timelines, and he has some future technology, and that’s about it. He’s not much of a step up from Thanos; if anything, he feels like less of a threat.

A More Threatening Big Bad

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Sure, Kang is a conqueror of planets, but Galactus eats them. Galactus is known as the Devourer of Worlds and is older than the universe itself. Why follow up with Thanos with “Thanos 2: Multiverse Boogaloo” when Marvel could go bigger?

Why not give the Avengers a foe that Thanos would take one look at and faint rather than a guy Ant-Man beat in a fight? It’s Ant-Man, for crying out loud! If Marvel were smart, they’d ditch Kang for Galactus and give fans a real big bad, literally.

Kang Keeps Majors’ Crimes Alive

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What’s the alternative? Go on the hunt for a new actor who will inevitably draw comparisons to Jonathon Majors? Is that really in Marvel’s best interest to keep this whole debacle at the front of everyone’s minds?

Why not forget about Kang altogether and focus on someone with a bigger draw? We guarantee that if word gets out that Marvel is introducing Galactus into the MCU nobody is going to be asking about Kang anymore. Nobody really wanted Kang in the first place, but at the time things were being planned out, Marvel didn’t have access to what are arguably the company’s greatest villains. Now they do.

Let’s face it. Galactus, Doctor Doom, and even Magneto would be a better Phase 5-6 villain than Kang. Magneto is more than capable of taking the entire Earth hostage and has done so in the past. Meanwhile, Doctor Doom routinely threatens to take over not just the planet but the entire universe.

How To Remove Kang

Our pick for the Big Bad would still be Galactus,and we even have a way to not only introduce the planet-eater but also to get rid of Marvel’s Kang problem at the same time. This could be an after-credit scene, a prologue to a movie, or wherever else Marvel wants to stick it.

The council of Kangs—every Kang in the multiverse—gathers on one planet to discuss their plans to conquer the multiverse. Suddenly, the planet starts to shake. One of the panicking Kangs shouts, “It’s him, the World Devourer!” Pan out to Galactus, scarfing down KangTown.

Problem solved. Marvel gets rid of their Kang problem once and for all and introduces Galactus in a way that demonstrates the threat that he poses to the galaxy. You’re welcome, Disney. Please make the check out to GIANT FREAKIN ROBOT