Kevin Feige Wants Ms. Marvel Dead?

By Jason Collins | Published

We all remember the heartbreaking moment when Peter Parker hugged Tony Stark, saying that he didn’t want to go, right before he disintegrated as a result of the Snap. Well, being a superhero often carries potentially deadly consequences; we recently learned that Kamala Khan, also known as Ms. Marvel, has recently sacrificed her life to save someone else’s, and it was apparently all orchestrated by Kevin Feige.

The Death Of Ms. Marvel

Marvel writer Cody Ziglar, credited with Miles Morales: Spider-Man, pointed out during an interview that the mastermind behind Kamala Khan’s demise during the current comic run of The Amazing Spider-Man is none other than Kevin Feige as part of his strategy to promote greater synergy between the MCU and the Marvel Comics universe. However, Marvel’s one-shot funeral for Ms. Marvel didn’t really stick, and Kamala didn’t stay dead for long—apparently, she carries a dormant X-gene, which allowed the X-Men to bring her back to life using Krakoa’s Resurrection Protocols.

Kamala Khan: X-Man

And that’s precisely the point of her death. Ms. Marvel was considered an Inhuman, but her death and resurrection via Krakoa’s Resurrection Protocols now categorize her as a mutant and possibly even adjacent to the X-Men. So, while it isn’t all that surprising that Marvel wants to create further synergy between the MCU and the comics, what makes the entire story interesting is the fact that Kevin Feige seems to be a driving force behind Kamala’s death and her resurrection as an X-Men.

Corporate Synergy

ms. marvel

Kevin Feige, who has long served as president of Marvel Studios, was named Marvel’s Chief Creative Officer in 2019, which effectively put him in charge of the overall creative direction at Marvel. This includes all mediums, such as movies, TV, animation, and publishing, so it’s not really all that surprising that he would push for a greater synergy between mediums. However, subsequent public statements from Marvel have painted a different story regarding Feige’s involvement in the death and subsequent resurrection of Ms. Marvel.

The Inhumans Were Rejected By Fans

inhumans reboot

Marvel Studios still hasn’t commented on the reports suggesting Kevin Feige’s hand in the death of Ms. Marvel. Marvel Comics, on the other hand, has denied Ziglar’s story, saying that the death and subsequent resurrection of Kamala for the purpose of joining her with the X-Men was actually an editorial decision—and a very sound decision at that. Kamala Khan was first introduced as an Inhuman, and when Disney acquired Fox, it effectively bought X-Men and dropped Inhumans.

The MCU’s First Mutant

However, Kamala was the only Inhuman character that rose to become a fan favorite, so it really makes sense to disassociate Ms. Marvel from the Inhumans and associate her with X-Men, particularly because the mutant-superhero team is supposedly scheduled to make an appearance in the MCU. So, tying Kamala to the X-Men isn’t really out of the blue since it’s taking place in the comics, but the decision-makers at Marvel probably had better ways to do so. But, it seems that this was more convenient.

As things currently are, Kevin Feige didn’t put a hit on Ms. Marvel; the decision to kill her off and resurrect her as an X-Men was an editorial decision.

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