Kevin Feige

Kevin Feige
  • Birthdate: June 2, 1973
  • Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts
  • Franchise: Marvel

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Marvel X-Men Movie Takes Huge Step Forward Toward MCU Reality

X-Men ‘97 was released to critical acclaim in March, proving that the world is ready for more X-Men stories. In …

6 days ago

Zac Efron Joining Marvel In Mystery MCU Role?

A week ago, we shared a rumor that Dwayne Johnson may appear in an upcoming Marvel movie, but The Rock …

1 week ago

Scarlett Johansson’s Secret Marvel Project Revealed, It’s Not Black Widow

We’ve known for over a year now that Scarlett Johansson is working on a secret project with Marvel. It’s a …

2 weeks ago

marvel spotlight

Marvel’s Biggest Success Reveals How Much They Are Failing 

Chris Pratt recently reminded us with his behind-the-scenes video on Instagram that Avengers: End Game was released in theaters five …

3 weeks ago

spider-man 4

Tom Holland Reveals Spider-Man 4 Involvement Is Greater Than Ever

Since the success of 2021’s Spider-Man: No Way Home, fans have been desperate for any information about a fourth movie …

1 month ago

Kevin Feige Wants Ms. Marvel Dead?

We all remember the heartbreaking moment when Peter Parker hugged Tony Stark, saying that he didn’t want to go, right …

1 month ago

x-men '97

X-Men ’97 Starting A New Marvel Universe?

For better or for worse, one of Disney’s most profitable ideas was to begin relentlessly translating their beloved animated films …

2 months ago

Spider-Man 4 Gets Star Trek Director And Starts Shooting In Just A Few Months?

Star Trek Beyond director Justin Lin is reportedly in the running to direct Spider-Man 4, with plans underway for production to begin in …

2 months ago

jonathan majors

Marvel Star Openly Unhappy Series Didn’t Get Season 2

While Anthony Mackie certainly is not hurting for work, like any creative person, he is going to have projects that …

2 months ago

Deadpool Making Fun Of Marvel Won’t Save Your Cinematic Universe, Disney

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has been a dominant force in filmmaking since Iron Man hit screens in 2008. But as the years …

2 months ago

Deadpool & wolverine

Marvel Cannibal Heroes The MCU Will Never Adapt

The MCU has come a long way since the relatively grounded days of Iron Man (2008). Who would have thought …

3 months ago

Dave Bautista Wants To Swap Drax For Another Comic Book Character

Like many other wrestlers who have made their way into the film industry, Dave Bautista has essentially been typecast into …

3 months ago

deadpool 3

Deadpool Completely Destroyed By Marvel Studios

In the recent Deadpool & Wolverine trailer, Deadpool calls himself “Marvel Jesus,” alluding to the fact that the new film …

3 months ago

mark ruffalo hulk

Mark Ruffalo Never Getting Solo Hulk Movie Thanks To Kevin Feige

Mark Ruffalo has been playing the Hulk in the MCU since 2012’s The Avengers. While the green giant has popped …

3 months ago

Scarlett Johansson’s Best Movies Of Her Career

The best Scarlett Johansson movies include films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, A Marriage Story, Jojo Rabbit, and more.

5 months ago

Kevin Feige Leaving Marvel Studios After Behind-The-Scenes Troubles?

Kevin Feige has been the creative force behind Marvel studios since their first Disney-owned outings popularized the modern cinematic universe. …

6 months ago

star wars

Star Wars Cancels Biggest Movie Project In The Works, Franchise Running Out Of Steam?

The WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes of 2023 have finally come to an end, allowing Hollywood productions to resume shooting. Unfortunately, …

7 months ago

scarlett johansson

Scarlett Johansson’s Marvel Future Revealed By Kevin Feige

Recently, there have been reports that Disney was considering bringing the original Avengers back for a movie to help prop …

7 months ago

Robert Downey Jr

Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man Deleted Scenes Are Being Kept Secret By Marvel, Here’s Why

Kevin Feige says that deleted scenes from the first Iron Man movie showcasing Robert Downey Jr. doing laundry will never be released.

1 year ago

marvel blade

Marvel Has Basically Admitted They Are In Trouble

Marvel’s target output has reportedly been reduced from four shows and four movies a year to two shows and three movies a year.

1 year ago

zachary levi shazam 2

Zachary Levi Says Kevin Feige Lied To Him About His Marvel Role?

President of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, allegedly lied to Zachary Levi about how big a role the Warriors Three would play in the Thor movies.

1 year ago

Upcoming Star Wars Movies Canceled, Our Scoop Confirmed

Patty Jenkins and Kevin Feige’s Star Wars projects have both been canceled, leaving embattled Thor: Love and Thunder director Taika Waititi as the likely next director.

1 year ago

moon knight

Is Moon Knight Returning To The MCU? The Answer Has Been Revealed

Kevin Feige confirmed that Moon Knight has a future in the MCU, but we are uncertain whether that’s in the form of a second season on Disney+ or something else.

1 year ago

kevin feige

Disney Torpedoed Marvel Studios Entirely Just To Keep Kevin Feige

Kevin Feige was nearly fired from Marvel in 2009 with Ike Perlmutte set to run the studio after Disney purchased the group

1 year ago

kevin feige

Kevin Feige Shot Down A Big She-Hulk Idea

She-Hulk writer Jessica Gao initially wanted the Marvel boss himself, Kevin Feige, to appear on screen in his K.E.V.I.N. bot cameo, but the studio president quickly shot down that idea.

2 years ago

James Gunn DCU

Kevin Feige Had A Surprising Reaction To James Gunn Becoming Head Of DC

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige says he is excited to see James Gunn as the head of DC’s cinematic universe.

2 years ago


Kevin Feige Says X-Men Are Coming To Marvel Soon

Kevin Feige says the X-Men are “getting close” to showing up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

2 years ago

scarlet witch

Marvel Reveals The Fate Of The Scarlet Witch?

The Scarlet Witch is not definitively dead, according to Kevin Feige.

2 years ago