Robert Downey Jr. Iron Man Deleted Scenes Are Being Kept Secret By Marvel, Here’s Why

Kevin Feige says that deleted scenes from the first Iron Man movie showcasing Robert Downey Jr. doing laundry will never be released.

By Britta DeVore | Updated

robert downey jr. iron man

Now one of the most recognizable and beloved franchises out there, it’s hard to believe that even Kevin Feige’s MCU hit a few road bumps before landing a finished product. In a recent interview with Screen Rant, Jeremy Latcham, who served as an associate producer for the Robert Downey Jr.-led movie that started it all – 2008’s Iron Man – revealed that there were several scenes that not only didn’t make the cut into the final product but will also never see the light of day. Don’t even think about pulling a “release the laundry cut” with this one because Latcham says it’s completely out of the question. 

During his sit down, Latchman said that back in 2012 after the Robert Downey Jr.-led film had already been out for a handful of years and placed the building blocks for what would become the MCU, he questioned Feige on whether they should put out two separate scenes of both Abu (Sayed Badreya) and Tony Stark (Downey Jr.) doing laundry. In what Latchman says are “three or four deleted scenes” from Iron Man, Feige immediately shut him down saying that “People will know we don’t know what we’re doing.”

While we completely understand why these scenes were ultimately cut, it would’ve been amazing to see them as Latchman describes one of them to be Robert Downey Jr.’s Tony Stark doing the laundry of his captors. In reality, the Iron Man hero is slowly picking away parts of the machines to build the Mark 1 suit. “It’s so absurd. It’s wild,” Latchman said of the scene that would’ve pushed the audience’s suspension of disbelief just a little too far. 

Sayed Badreya as Abu in Iron Man (2008)

Without going into much detail, Latchman also shared that there were similar scenes that saw bad guy Abu doing laundry alongside Tony Stark. With both Sayed Badreya and Robert Downey Jr. washing their tighty whities in Iron Man, it would’ve surely been a spectacle to behold – but also may have crashed and burned a blossoming franchise. 

We have nothing but respect for the Marvel heads deciding to lock away their Robert Downey Jr. deleted scenes in a vault somewhere to never see the light of day. While deleted scenes can be an exciting and fun addition to the storyline, there are other times, like in the latest Black Panther film that fans believed should a scene have been left in, it would’ve destroyed the entire feature. It seems that this was the best call on the part of the Iron Man execs to completely remove what was described as an “absurd” and “wild” addition. 

Just a few years ago, audiences were rallying behind DC filmmaker Zack Snyder and calling for the studio to “release the Snyder cut” of his take on Justice League, a film that would ultimately be redone by Joss Whedon. Unlike Snyder’s darker take on the group of heroes, we’re thinking that these cheesy moments of Robert Downey Jr.’s future Avenger building a high-tech suit out of bits and pieces from a washer won’t be getting their rallying cry anytime soon. From Iron Man to Laundry Man, we’re happy that Feige decided to not entirely sink his franchise. 

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