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Merry Little Batman Trailer Gives Batman’s Son A Christmas Adventure Movie

If you are interested in a project from the Batman universe fit for the whole family—especially around the holidays—look no …

3 months ago

pedro pascal

Pedro Pascal Fantastic Four Frontrunner And His Character Is Perfect

Pedro Pascal is one of the busiest men in all of Hollywood. With massive career-defining performances in recent hits such …

3 months ago

dc movie

Superman: Legacy Casts Villain And It’s Totally Out Of Left Field

Deadline announced that Venezuelan actress Maria Gabriela de Faria is the newest cast member of James Gunn’s highly anticipated upcoming …

3 months ago

Marvel Finds Replacements For Russo Brothers On Avengers Sequels?

Marvel’s previous two Avengers films, Infinity War and Endgame, were arguably the peak of the MCU while also being two …

3 months ago


Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow Writer Announced And She’s A TV Actress

Peter Safran and James Gunn’s slate of new DC movies continues to move forward, as previously announced Supergirl: Woman of …

3 months ago

Scarlett Johansson Black Widow Return? Actress Answers And Shocks Fans

Scarlett Johansson was rather dodgy regarding whether or not she would be returning as Black Widow in a future Marvel …

3 months ago

Marvel’s What If Season 2 Trailer Goes Mad Max And Three Musketeers

Marvel is giving us quite the gift for the holidays, as the animated What If…? series is back for Season …

3 months ago

charlie cox daredevil

Daredevil: Born Again Starting From Scratch? Directors Say Series Is At Day Zero

Daredevil has gone from the Man Without Fear to the Man Without A Disney Plus Series. New comments from the …

3 months ago

Madame Web Trailer Looks Like Another Marvel Flop

The Madame Web trailer just dropped, and it looks like Sony might have another Morbius on its hands. Thanks to …

3 months ago

thor love and thunder

Taika Waititi Done With Thor, Director Leaving Marvel For Good?

Taika Waititi became one of the most in-demand directors in Hollywood after the success of Thor: Ragnarok, the sci-fi comedy …

3 months ago

marvel jonathan majors

Jonathan Majors Done At Marvel, Studio Moving Away From Actor

He Who Remains is about to be He Who Got Fired. According to World of Reel Disney has finally decided …

3 months ago


The MCU Knew The Marvels Would Fail

The Marvels isn’t doing so hot at the box office, and Marvel Studios shouldn’t be too surprised. The film, which …

3 months ago

Stephen Kandel, Writer On Star Trek & Batman, Dead At 96

Stephen Kandel, who penned scripts for shows like Star Trek: The Original Series, Batman, and MacGyver, died on October 21 at the age …

3 months ago

Marvel Reviving Infinity Stones To Save The MCU?

Taking into account the quality of its latest releases, it’s becoming obvious that 2019’s Endgame was the game end for …

3 months ago

best war movies

See Josh Hartnett As Superman In JJ Abrams Canceled Flyby Movie

Long before Marvel went all in on the idea of a cinematic multiverse, DC icon Superman developed a kind of …

3 months ago

Marvel Only Has One MCU Movie Releasing Next Year

If you’re a Marvel fan who is feeling a bit of superhero fatigue from the numerous releases of the MCU, …

3 months ago

Marvel Kills MCU Trademarks, Future Franchises Dead

When it comes to predicting the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, you don’t exactly need the assistance of the …

3 months ago

The Marvels Box Office Failure Signals New Direction For MCU?

With the MCU announcing a massive delay schedule for its upcoming films, many would have thought that audiences would turn …

3 months ago

anthony mackie

Captain America: Brave New World Undergoing Massive Reshoots, Sequel In Trouble?

Move over, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom because you aren’t the only movie churning out reshoot rumors. According to Jeff …

3 months ago

robert butler

Robert Butler, Star Trek & Batman Director, Dead At 95

Robert Butler, the Emmy-winning go-to director who helmed pilot episodes of numerous acclaimed shows, such as Batman, Star Trek, Hill …

3 months ago

Loki Season 3 Canceled Before It Has A Chance?

Is Loki dead…er….again? A recent story in Men’s Health hints that a Loki Season 3 might not be in the …

3 months ago

Incredible Hulk Director Opens Up About Maligned Marvel Movie, Stands Up For Edward Norton

Director Louis Leterrier says Edward Norton was right to defend the more serious tone of 2008’s The Incredible Hulk. The movie was …

3 months ago

superman: legacy

James Gunn Announces Superman: Legacy Production Start

James Gunn is ready to begin production on Superman: Legacy now that the 118-day actors’ strike is finally over. According to Deadline, the …

4 months ago

scarlett johansson

Scarlett Johansson’s Marvel Future Revealed By Kevin Feige

Recently, there have been reports that Disney was considering bringing the original Avengers back for a movie to help prop …

4 months ago

The Marvels Continues MCU’s Critical Decline

The Marvels, the latest entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, is, according to Rotten Tomatoes, the third worst-reviewed film in …

4 months ago

andrew garfield spider man

Andrew Garfield Became Spider-Man Thanks To A Cheeseburger

During his career in Hollywood, Andrew Garfield has amassed a slew of awards and nominations from prestigious groups like the …

4 months ago

deadpool 3

Deadpool 3 Takes Huge Inspiration From One Star Wars Movie

Deadpool 3 is perhaps one of the most anticipated superhero movies coming out in the coming years, and director Shawn …

4 months ago

The Marvels Is Doing Worse Than DC’s Most Embarrassing Flops

It’s an open secret that Marvel has been in trouble lately: in addition to the allegations surrounding Jonathan Majors and …

4 months ago


Blade R-Rating Confirms Marvel Is Building A Violent MCU Corner

Marvel is branching out and stepping away from its usual PG-13 ratings and taking a dip into the R-side of …

4 months ago

marvel spotlight

Marvel Admits The MCU Is Too Much To Watch

Even for the biggest Marvel fans, it has started to get exhausting trying to keep up with the MCU. Frankly, …

4 months ago