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Latest Marvel News

Harley Quinn Gets Her Own Anime, See The Suicide Squad ISEKAI Reveal Video

Harley Quinn is set to appear in a brand new anime show called Suicide Squad ISEKAI. In the newly released trailer, Harley …

5 months ago

ms. marvel

See The Hilariously Awful New Ms. Marvel Suit For The Marvels

If the newly released poster is actually for real, then Ms. Marvel’s suit in The Marvels is absolutely abominable.

5 months ago

jason momoa

Aquaman 2 Director Explains It’s A Stand-Alone Movie

Aquaman 2 will be a standalone film unrelated to the 2018 movie.

5 months ago

cillian murphy

A Batman Horror Movie Influenced By H.P. Lovecraft Is On Top Of Streaming

Batman: The Doom That Came To Gotham is an animated Elseworlds movie streaming on Max.

5 months ago

superman: legacy

Why Superman Is Weak To Magic

There’s theories why Superman is weak to magic, but nothing definitive, ranging from his heritage to magical radiation.

5 months ago

anthony mackie the mandalorian

Anthony Mackie Wanted To Be Black Panther

Anthony Mackie wanted to be Black Panther so badly, he wrote letters to Marvel campaigning for the role.

5 months ago

David Corenswet Is Going To Be A Different Type Of Superman

David Corenswet promises that his version of Superman will be “bright and optimistic.”

5 months ago

Secret Invasion Star Shocked By Series Premiere

Secret Invasion actress Cobie Smulders was surprised her characters fate was not leaked before the series premiered.

5 months ago

secret invasion skrulls

Secret Invasion Is Struggling To Find An Audience

Secret Invasion debuted ahead of Mrs. Marvel, but behind almost every other Marvel show on Disney+, including Moon Knight.

5 months ago

comic-con marvel dc

More Major Companies Are Skipping Comic-Con This Year

A whole bunch of studios won’t be appearing at the San Diego Comic-Con, including Marvel, Lucasfilm, Sony, and more.

5 months ago

the flash

The Flash Could End Up Costing Warner Bros. $200 Million

The Flash isn’t just a box office failure; it could end up costing Warner Bros. over $200 million.

5 months ago

marvel drone

Marvel Shot Down A Drone To Protect Their Secrets

Samuel L. Jackson claims at least two drones hovering over the set of Secret Invasion were shot down by Marvel.

5 months ago

spider-man 4 villain

Why Sam Raimi Didn’t Direct Venom

Sam Raimi was never in consideration to direct Venom, in most likelihood because of his own words on not being able to understand or relate to the character.

5 months ago

bryan cranston

Bryan Cranston Thinks You’re Lazy For Fan-Casting Him As This Iconic Villain

Bryan Cranston thinks casting him as Lex Luthor would be a lousy decision solely based on looks.

5 months ago

ana de armas

What Ana de Armas Could Look Like As Spider-Woman

We used AI to come up with our own version of Ana de Armas as Spider-Woman.

5 months ago

james gunn henry cavill

Henry Cavill’s Superman Replacement Confirmed

David Corenswet is the DCU’s new Superman starting with James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy.

5 months ago

edward norton
henry cavill the flash

Henry Cavill’s Superman Replacement Cast Along With New Lois And Lex?

Online rumors point to David Corenswet replacing Henry Cavill as Superman, Emma Mackey as Lois Lane, and Bill Skarsgard as Lex Luthor.

5 months ago

Tom Holland To Fight Michael Keaton And Tom Hardy In Upcoming Movie?

A Reddit leak reports that Sony is working on a separate Spider-Man project that will see Tom Holland face off against The Vulture and Venom.

5 months ago

andrew garfield marvel

Andrew Garfield Returning As Spider-Man For Superhero Team-Up Movie?

Redditors claim that Andrew Garfield will appear as Spider-Man in Venom 3.

5 months ago

Sydney Sweeney as Madame Web

Plot Of Madame Web Movie Revealed?

A new report alleges that Madame Web’s daughter will be the villain of the upcoming film.

5 months ago

secret invasion skrulls

What Is A Skrull Anyway? Marvel’s Secret Invaders Explained

Skrulls, one of the most important alien races in Marvel Comics, is now one of the most important extraterrestrial species in the MCU.

5 months ago


Secret Invasion Sets Up The Vampires Of Blade?

The base of operations of the Rebel Skrulls in Secret Invasion could be the future home of the vampires of Blade.

5 months ago

emilia clarke

Emilia Clarke Almost Killed Samuel L. Jackson Filming Secret Invasion

Emilia Clarke says she almost ran over Samuel L. Jackson while filming Secret Invasion.

5 months ago

The Flash Continues Historic Box Office Collapse

The Flash has had a second-weekend collapse of over 70 percent at the box office, ensuring it will lose Warner Bros. Discovery a historic sum of money.

6 months ago

namor marvel

Marvel Star Tenoch Huerta Now Canceled From Next Movie Because Of Allegations

Tenoch Huerta, Namor from Black Panther 2, has left an upcoming film by choice over sexual assualt allegations.

6 months ago

Across The Spider-Verse Artists Reveal Shocking Truth Behind Movie’s Production

Artists that worked on Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse claim they were overworked and had to make countless last-minute revisions to completed work.

6 months ago

The Flash Suffers Another Humiliating Defeat At The Box Office

The Flash was beaten out at the box office this past week by Pixar’s Elemental.

6 months ago

spider-man across the spider-verse

Across The Spider-Verse Has Multiple Versions Out In Theaters

Different versions of Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse were sent to different theaters.

6 months ago