Madame Web Reviews Are All Saying The Same Thing

By Brian Myers | Published

madame web

The latest film from Sony’s Spider-Verse hasn’t exactly received a lot of love from the critics who were able to get a sneak preview at its single screen world premiere on Monday. Madame Web, though highly anticipated for months, has been predicted to be box office poison based on the sheer number of negative reviews published in the last 24 hours. The Sony movie will get its wide release on Valentine’s Day.

Critics Aren’t Pulling Their Punches

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The Hollywood Reporter claimed that Madame Web was an “airless and stilted endeavor,” and heavily criticized the film for being unimaginative. This outlet wasn’t alone in its overview of the superhero movie, as The Daily Beast gave an even more harsh criticism. Calling it a “torturous saga,” the publication railed on the film’s unnecessarily complicated directing, poor dialogue, and subpar acting.

A Cinematic Chernobyl

Perhaps the most scathing review of Madame Web came from Rolling Stone, who likened the movie to a “Chernobyl level disaster.” The pop culture magazine wrote that it was in amazement that someone actually green lit the film and went on to state that it was the comic book film equivalent of the heavily panned Showgirls.

The Origins Of Madame Web

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Madame Web is an origin story to multiple female Spider-Man spinoff characters, the first of which debuted in an ad for Hostess Twinkies in the late 1970s. The often-overlooked character was featured in 1980’s Amazing Spider-Man, helping the Marvel superhero locate a kidnapping victim. The character’s clairvoyance proves to be the boost that Spiderman needs to save the day.

Cassie Web

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The film Madame Web follows paramedic Cassie Web who, after an accident, discovers that she has psychic powers. This differs some from the comic book character, who was a paralyzed elderly woman that held great clairvoyant powers. The film version of Cassie Web is young, able-bodied, and only beginning to discover how to use her newly found abilities.

Cassie’s mother was a spider researcher who met an untimely end while giving birth to Cassie while on assignment in the Amazon rainforest. As an adult, Cassie discovers that the spiders researched by her mother gave the film’s protagonist, Eziekiel Sims, great powers. As the storyline of Madame Web unfolds, Cassie’s ability to see through to other dimensions leads to her meeting three young women who become targets of Sims.

Things Don’t Look Good

Madame Web was created with an estimated budget of $80 million. Whether or not the advance criticism from media outlets ahead of its wide release on Wednesday will dampen its success at the box office remains to be seen, though the predictions don’t look good.

The Cast

Madame Web features a solid cast with a bevy of familiar faces. Dakota Johnson stars in the title role, supported by The White Lotus actress Sydney Sweeney and singer/actress Isabela Merced. Emma Roberts, Mike Epps, and Adam Scott help to round out the cast of this seemingly doomed film. S.J. Clarkson makes her feature film directorial debut at the film’s helm, having previously scored award-winning success directing episodes of popular television shows that include Orange is the New Black, Succession, and Vinyl.

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