The Worst Marvel Movie In Decades Is #1 On Netflix

By Britta DeVore | Published

Some say that seeing is believing and maybe that’s why so many subscribers are flocking to watch Madame Web on Netflix – to understand just how terrible the movie truly is. Right now, the box office bomb is number one on the streamer’s charts, with audiences excited to find out what all the (terrible) hype is about. Starring Dakota Johnson as the titular hero, the movie is like a car accident – even though you want to look away, it pulls in your gaze and doesn’t let go.

Madame Web Makes You Laugh For All The Wrong Reasons

madame web

For some of us (myself included) the S.J. Clarkson-helmed film has all the perfect markings of a laugh-out-loud B movie, except it was made by one of the biggest studios in the biz – Sony. This in and of itself is jaw-droppingly impressive because – as many who have or will be streaming Madame Web on Netflix in the approaching days will understand – the one question you’re asking yourself the entire time is “Who gave this the green light?”

Sure, with names like Dakota Johnson, Sydney Sweeney, and Adam Scott attached, it should have been a blockbuster, but instead, the movie became the laughing stock of the internet and the gift that just keeps on giving.

Dakota Johnson Becomes Madame Web

dakota johnson

With Madame Web now available on Netflix, users can dive into the witty one-liner world of Cassandra “Cassie” Web (Dakota Johnson), a paramedic whose life is forever altered one day after a near-death experience – well – nearly kills her. Luckily, her work partner, Ben (Adam Scott) brings her back to the land of the living but she’s arrived with something else! The power of seeing things before they happen which, in turn, gives her the ability to redo disastrous scenarios.

The #1 Movie On Netflix?

dakota johnson

After she finds that a trio of teens is being hunted by a man named Ezekiel Simms (Tahar Rahim), who her mother used to collect spiders with in the Amazon, Cassie realizes that she needs to better understand her powers if she has any hope of pulling the young women out of this alive. It’s wild! It’s crazy! And dare we say, Madame Web is the best movie streaming on Netflix right now?! We do.

A Great Cast Couldn’t Save The Film

Along with the aforementioned Dakota Johnson, Sydney Sweeney, Tahar Rahim, and Adam Scott, Marvel and Sony’s latest flop also featured performances from familiar faces like American Horror Story’s Emma Roberts, Zosia Mamet of Girls, and Isabela Merced, who will soon be seen in the upcoming Alien: Romulus. Essentially, if you want to see a bunch of A-list stars in a commercial flop that financially took a massive dig out of the pockets of two major studios, streaming Madame Web on Netflix should be on your “to-do” list this week or weekend.

See What Puts Madame Web At The Top Of Netflix Now

While the film isn’t technically tied to the MCU and falls under Sony’s weird and underperforming Spider-Verse (except for you Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse franchise), the writers sure tried to jam themselves into the MCU conversation in more ways than one. How? Well, we won’t spoil it for you, which is why we’re begging you to run – not walk – to stream Madame Web on Netflix.

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