Edgar Wright In Talks For Sydney Sweeney Remake Of Iconic 1960s Sci-Fi Epic

By TeeJay Small | Published

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Edgar Wright is a visionary director with a distinct sense of style that is severely lacking in most modern Hollywood outings. Now, per a report in Variety, Wright is in talks to helm the upcoming Sydney Sweeney-led film Barbarella. Barbarella is a remake of an iconic 1960s sci-fi comedy starring Jane Fonda, which has been highly anticipated by audiences since it was first announced in October of 2022.

Edgar Wright Is Known For Smart Comedy

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Wright’s ability to balance tension and comedy in his works makes him a no-brainer for Sydney Sweeney’s Barbarella. The British filmmaker previously helmed such audience favorites as Last Night In Soho, Baby Driver, and The Cornetto Trilogy, which encompasses the Simon Pegg and Nick Frost-led films Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End. Wright was famously originally signed on to direct the first Ant-Man film before departing the project due to the MCU’s stringent limitations.

Remaking Barbarella With Sydney Sweeney Is A License To Print Money

While Edgar Wright is not yet officially attached, it looks like he’s the first choice to direct Sydney Sweeney’s Barbarella, with a screenplay currently in the works by Jane Goldman and Honey Ross. Goldman holds writing credits for projects such as Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Kick-Ass, and several 21st Century Fox-produced X-Men films, and previously collaborated with Ross on The Big Fat Quiz of the Year.

Barbarella Will Require Lots Of Updating

The plot details of Sydney Sweeney’s Barbarella are still largely under wraps, though we can likely surmise that the film will follow a similar outline to the 1968 original. The original Barbarella centers on a futuristic world in which Earth’s inhabitants no longer experience sexual desire. Earthlings have evolved to take pills in place of having sex, as the act of love-making is considered gross and barbaric to their delicate sensibilities.

Barbarella, a space adventurer, is tasked by the president of Earth with embarking upon a mission to save a scientist from a dangerous foreign planet. While following through on this mission, Barbarella finds herself the subject of many sexual exploits, discovering her natural desires and facing some crudely named foes along the way. Sydney Sweeney has made no secret of her desire to be viewed as a modern iteration of the classic Hollywood sex symbol, making a Barbarella remake the perfect vehicle for the next step in her career.

Hollywood It Girl

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Before Sydney Sweeney’s Barbarella hits theaters, she’s expected to complete a number of other upcoming projects. These projects include a Ron Howard thriller titled Eden, as well as a biopic centering on former professional boxer Christy Martin. Sweeney is also expected to perform in a leading role alongside Johnny Depp at some point soon, as part of Depp’s Hollywood comeback.

Continuing To Work With Sony After Madame Web

Sydney Sweeney’s relationship with Sony Pictures seems to continue as Barbarella enters the early stages of production, despite the studio’s misstep with the Spider-Man Villain-verse film Madame Web. Sweeney herself joked about her appearance in the Dakota Johnston-led film during a recent SNL hosting appearance, as the film was a box office bomb and critical flop. Still, Sweeney has maintained her status as a Hollywood icon, drawing eyes with each new project she touches.