Sydney Sweeney Is Starting Johnny Depp’s Comeback?

By TeeJay Small | Published

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A recent report from known Hollywood insider Jeff Sneider indicates Sydney Sweeney and Johnny Depp are pairing up to work on a new film. With any luck, this could be the push the former Pirates of the Caribbean star needs to regain his footing in the Hollywood landscape, signaling a return to leading roles in blockbuster films.

While little is known about the forthcoming film at this time, sources indicate the project will be a supernatural thriller titled Day Drinker. Though with the initial report, is this thing set in stone?

Sydney Sweeney And Johnny Depp

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Sydney Sweeney is the perfect A-lister to rehabilitate Johnny Depp’s image in the film industry, as the Euphoria star is one of the most recognizable and celebrated figures in Hollywood today.

Sweeney’s inclusion in films and television ventures such as Immaculate, Anyone But You, and The White Lotus made each of the aforementioned projects a certifiable money machine, while her Madame Web appearance was quickly laughed off following her appearance on Saturday Night Live.

Sydney Sweeney Squashes The Rumor?

Following the initial rumor, Sydney Sweeney took to Twitter/X to possibly debunk some of the rumors here about the movie.

She called these rumors, though she stopped short of saying it was wrong, before promoting her latest movie.

Johnny Depp Following The Trial

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Before joining forces with Sydney Sweeney, Johnny Depp’s career had waned significantly, mostly due to the public fallout in the wake of the Depp V. Heard trial which raged on for months in 2022.

Since the trial’s conclusion, Depp led the French-language film Jeanne du Barry, as well as the European cartoon venture Johnny Puff: Secret Mission.

With no upcoming IMDb credits to speak of, Day Drinker may be Depp’s first real stab at regaining a foothold in American blockbusters.

Only Sydney Sweeney And Johnny Depp So Far?

No other cast members have been named at this time to star alongside Sydney Sweeney and Johnny Depp in Day Drinker, though The Amazing Spider-Man‘s Marc Webb has been tapped to direct.

Despite having over 70 IMDb credits for directing, Webb hasn’t helmed a feature-length film since 2017’s The Only Living Boy In New York.

In the years since, Webb has focused primarily on a steady stream of music video and television projects, including directing credits for episodes of Instinct, The Code, Just Beyond, and Death And Other Details.

Sydney Sweeney Playing A Bartender?

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Marc Webb is also poised to helm Disney’s upcoming live-action remake of Snow White, starring Rachel Zegler and Gal Gadot, though the film isn’t set to land in theaters until 2025.

Day Drinker‘s plot is said to be based on an original story by Fast X writer Zach Dean, and centers on an enigmatic stranger and a mourning bartender. Sources seem to indicate Sydney Sweeney will portray the young bartender, while Johnny Depp will take on the role of the mysterious stranger, as the two form an unshakeable bond.

Movie In Good Hands

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Any details beyond these are purely speculation, as the project has only just been announced.

With the combined power of Sydney Sweeney, Johnny Depp, Marc Webb, and Zach Dean, the film seems in good hands and should have no problem filling seats once it arrives on the big screen.

Johnny Depp Making A Comeback

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Even with the controversy surrounding Depp in the years since his trial, the Edward Scissorhands actor has a dedicated base of supporters, who would jump at the opportunity to see him leading another major Hollywood movie.

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